Eligible realms to Transfer to

Where is the list of eligible realms that are open for transfers? I cant seem to find it in the FAQ / Realm Transfer FAQ / anything online so far. I dont want to pay for a transfer and not be able to go to the server I want to move to.

I know many of the realms have been unlocked but is there any July update on what can be transferred to?

Here is the current list of realms you cannot transfer to

The list you can’t transfer to is a pinned post at the top of this forum. If it changes, the pinned post will change.

You can realm transfer to every other realm, unless your character violates the rules. For example, your character on a PVE cannot transfer to a PVP. Your level 4 character can’t transfer. You can’t transfer if you have mail.

That cannot happen. Any errors (“you can’t do this because…”) happen before you pay for it.

The software does not accept payment and THEN tell you what you paid is refused. If it did, they would have to refund your payment.

That’s the law in the US. If you pay for something you must receive it. Blizzard obeys US laws.

Basically you can’t transfer to any of the good realms.