Ele/Resto Sham LF Mythic raiding guild

Hi there,

Currently 9/10 H SoD wanting to push further, especially into Mythic tier. Didn’t really push during CN (2/10m) MS healer but comptent with Ele DPS also. Enjoy casual Mythic+ and PvP.

*Willing to server transfer
**Aus based (Perth time-zone)
***Can’t commit to super late night raid times

Feel free to leave a comment here or contact me @ Alcatrax3 #6877

Hey there mate,

Goomz on Barth Horde likely has a spot for you. Sundays and Mondays 7:30-10:30pm. Currently 7/10H. Mythic guild that hit 11/12M Ny’alotha and 8/10M Nathria.

Krimsonmyst#1273 if you’re interested in knowing more :slight_smile:

Hi Txgir,
I just sent you a request on battle.net to have a chat. We’re not quite as progressed as you, but that’s largely due to the loss of many core players between 9.0 and 9.1. We’re looking to rebuild and progress Mythic as far as possible and would welcome you. We’re on Frostmourne Alliance and raid Wed/Sun 8:30 to 11pm ST. We run an optional raid on Monday nights and M+ pretty much every other night. If this sounds OK to you, please accept my invite on Battle.Net and we can have a chat!


Heya Txgir, theMinistry (ally Frostmourne) 9/10N 4/10H runs Wed / Thu 9pm - 11:30 T and we could use another quality healer to bolster our ranks. We also run plenty of M+ each week as well, our aim is AoTC each tier then as far as we can into Mythic. A pretty chill group over-all and there’s usually people on or around disc to chat / have some banter / run keys with, add Our Guild Assist Trimshadow#1423 - Officer EVA#2601 or Guild leader Cougs#1764 for a chat - come say hi!

Still searching for a a home!

Lets have a talk
I’ve add you on bnet or you can add me on discord at pk-ng#0767

Hey there Txgir.
My guild on Alliance Frostmourne is a pretty new 8/10H atm looking to get AOTC soon and push back into mythic. Our leadership has plenty of mythic experience over the tiers.

We raid Thurs/Mon 7:15-10:30PM Sydney time. (Might be a bit early I know).

If you had any questions or wanted to chat please hit me up at Chyraz#1679 (bnet) or Chiraz#9377 on discord!

Hi Txgir
we are on Horde Nagrand/Cael/Saufang. Wed Thur 2145-12MN Perth time. Currently 1M, 9/10H SoD, last tier 7/10M CN.

Happy to chat if our timings suit u. Stoen#1418 bnet. Ive sent u request on bnet.

Hello Txgir,
[Guild: Shroud] Based on Frostmourne (Ally) Are looking for dps to fill out the mythic roster.
Preferably ranged specs, but all are welcome. Raiding Wed/Sun 7:15 to 10:30.
Happy to chat,
[Guild: Shroud]