Elemental Shaman Class Tuning -- March 8

If change goes live as is, I will be quitting the game. You’ve ruined our ability to be competitive in raid and M+ in one fell swoop.


Elemental Shamans have been using the storm elemental with 20 stacks for 2 patches without issue and is a part of their core gameplay in Mythic +. You cannot just nerf the stacks to 10 from 20 without compensating that power in another way. Elemental is just barely hanging on, it’s almost impossible to get into groups and have a firm raid spot. YOU MUST COMPENSATE THE WIND GUST STACKS IN SOME OTHER WAY IF YOU NERF THEM!!!


what is actually inaccessibly these days given addons and the absolute 1 button spam fest that is the storm ele uptime rotation?


Nerfing a talent before anyone on live servers can even GET the 4P bonus? You guys left this intact despite being told its issues and now you want to change it when the spec has some hope of being solid in single target scenarios? Get a grip, the spec needs compensation if youre outright going to gut one of the talent choices. You might as well remove Storm elemental from the choice in that talent row. Unreal.


I have never posted on the forums or replied to any thread about class tuning. This may be the worst change I have ever seen. You need to change this. Now. Revert it now. @Devs

Nerfing due to accessibility as you claimed, makes 0 sense. Fix this.


Ridiculous, completely ruining a playstyle. If you are going to nerf the maximum stacks cause casts are too fast you better at least compensate by making the buff give increased Chain lightning/ lightning bolt damage for each stack.


So… this was the only thing making our ST damage decent. Thanks Blizz.


This is gross and nonsensical. Maybe you should have actually worked on the set during the PTR?

Also cutting the talent in half with 0 compensation? On a barely mid tier spec?



I refuse to believe this is real life :frowning:


Claiming a nerf is an “accessibility” change makes no sense whatsoever, if it was really an “accessibility” change, there would be compensation for for the changes made to make up for the damage. Why disguise an obviously massive nerf to a spec behind “accessibility?”

As many others have already stated, Elemental is already just barely being competitive, and here we are nerfing the one talent we had to make us competitive for M+ by well over 50%. Unbelievable.


Who tf do you get your feed back from?Pet battle players like wtf. Give a buff to something else instead of killing our class or something. I suggest you get feedback from players who actually raid and run high keys.


I appreciate that you have acknowledged the accessibility concerns with the cast time, but can we please have some additional context to why there was no compensation buff provided somewhere else? Or perhaps, can we at least be informed that there WILL be a compensation buff coming?

I understand accessibility is a large concern, but our class was just nerfed for a non-performative reason, it’s easy to understand why people would be upset. Please elaborate on your plans to keep the talent at least competitive…or revert it. Now. Thanks


Ele shamans gave SO MUCH FEEDBACK during PTR in the class set forums and we were completely ignored. There were good suggestions all over the place to help Ele where it needed it. All of that completely ignored and you just killed the spec.


Why hit the base ability? Just change the set bonus to reset the stacks. This is wildly over nerfed and kills ele in AoE which was their strong suit. Nerfing both the ability and the set bonus interaction is a horrid idea. Please change it to capping the stacks OR reseting on recasting storm ele. I was so excited about the set bonus and now I very disappointed.


Can you at least adjust the damage to lightning bolt and chain lightning to compensate?
This is one of my favourite builds to play, at least in just mythic plus. This kills my mythic plus build completely when I haven’t even acquired a tier set yet. This massive nerf hurts the spec majorly. There are ways to nerf the tier set without completely destroying the talent.
Much love for elemental shaman this entire expansion. Appreciate anything and everything.


You absolute donkeys.


WHO THE HELL THOUGHT THAT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA, at least buff our damage we could barely keep up with other dps’s and only if we could stay in place 100% of the time which let’s be honest won’t happen, and now we are losing AoE too, the only thing we were decent at bc of “accessibility” were the hell was “accessibility concern” when u decide to make avoidable skill almost invisible for anyone who hasn’t 20/20 vision


This is an absolutely awful change that needs to be reverted before it goes live, for a few reasons:

  1. We haven’t even had an opportunity to actually test this build in a raid setting because the tier set did not functionally work with Storm Elemental until AFTER raid testing had ended. So you’re going entirely based off of speculation in regards to accessibility being an issue. Even at full wind gusts stacks, your APM is still far below other classes/specs in the game that you have zero issues with.

  2. Capping our stacks at 10 and also making them reset on re-casting storm elemental will effectively kill this spec. The only thing keeping us competitive WAS this build. You’ve buffed everyones AoE to be on par or better then Ele, so we lost that niche. Now you’ve completely gutted our single target to below a level where you’d ever consider bringing one over another class that offers more (re: mage)

You sincerely need to reconsider how you’re going about making this change. If you do not want us to have high APM when at high wind gust stacks, you need to adding a damage modifier to Wind Gust stacks on Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightning to compensate for that loss, otherwise you’ve entirely killed this spec that was already on life support.


If this change goes through it will kill this talent (again.) This change will (probably) make the talent worse than when the elemental’s casts were capped at the beginning of the expansion.

Please reconsider this change, or supplement the damage loss with some added damage increase to lightning bolt and chain lightning.


This is a terrible change, i get no one like to be nerfed. but the storm ele playstyle for elemental required both double legendary and 4pc. It’s entirely a borrow power mechanic. This effectively kills the playstyle and will likely make it worse than any other ele build.

capping the stacks makes sense, hitting a button every half second or less for 5 solid minutes is just painful to think about.
But also dropping the stacks when you recast the elemental is just terrible. the feeling of all your power dropping off when the buff is still effectively running is just plain awful. it’s like hitting a speed bump at 60 MPH. sure you can recover but it feels terrible and you may have done damage to the car (ie the enjoyment of the class).
I really hope you read this feedback and do something to fix this. either buffing lightning bolt damage during storm ele, or just let the stacks continue if you recast the ele.
players should be rewarded for being able to maintain that stack count and ele uptime. especially with all the movement in this tier.
Please blizzard, rethink this change.