Elemental bound chest

My friend has camped the elemental bound chest in the primalist future for around 3 hours over 2 appearances while waiting for people to help with it. Despite doing the event together till the end he is never able to loot the chest. Even when theres just 3 of us doing it. Does anyone have any ideas? He is on a different server and it doesnt allow me to trade, mail or put stuff on ah for him to attempt to give him a portion of the gear. I thought that may be the problem but a different realm should allow him to see and start the chest but not loot it after. Any help is appreciated.

This is absolutely one of the most frustrating bugs in the game right now, besides all the bugged climbing quests. There are reports of this that date quite a long time of this bug. I even put in a ticket stating the issue and tried to get recouped loot from it but was denied 2x. Blizz is on some BS on fixing bugs… too busy with other issues it seems

It’s bugged on my at least 7x so far