Elemental-446 LFG

Looking for a active guild that runs Mythic + and current raid. Been trying to get back into the end game content. Currently in my friends guild.

Hey Volcanixx,

I’d like to talk to you about joining us Strategic Miscalculations.

Feel free to add me on btag vin#12877 or Discord Chopper#7832 and we can talk about if you think we might be a good fit for you. :slight_smile:

Lok’tar, friend! Cinder and Ash - Mal’ganis Horde is recruiting for 8.3. We raid progression Fri/Sat 7-10 central and have a more casual group on Thursdays 7-10 central. We also run M+ throughout the week.

Ember#1670 bnet
Ember#2528 disc

About Us

WAR MODE is a brand new guild on Mal’ganis formed by former Cutting Edge leadership. The goal of the guild is to build a 2 day per week Mythic Raiding Team always shooting for Cutting Edge in every single tier. Although it may take some time to build the right team during 8.3 Ny’alotha The Waking City, we anticipate to push mythic content immediately. Our main goal is to quickly establish a raid team comprised of mythic experienced raiders dedicated to building a long lasting guild. Our expectation is to definitely hit Cutting Edge in the new upcoming expansion, “Shadowlands”.

Every tier you can expect the guild to start with at least one normal clear then immediately move to heroic farm as we progress into mythic. Our goal is to be very competitive but we are NOT out to be world or server first. Our priority is our community, and consistent progression.

Current leadership has 12/12N and 8/12H experience in Ny’alotha. 7/8M TEP, 7/9M BoD & 7/8M Uldir this expansion.
*We are currently building this team so patience is required as we fill the ranks. Could be a few weeks before we actually hit mythic raiding as of 2/2/2020.

Raid Times
-Wednesday & Thursday 8pm CST – 11pm CST. Optional farm for Normal/Heroic clears on Tuesdays starting at 8pm CST.

What we are looking for
-Mythic Experienced Players with extensive knowledge of their class.
-Dedicated WoW Players willing to maintain 80% attendance and be on time!
-Desire to improve, maintain your character and join in the guild’s activities outside of raid.
-Ability to communicate effectively in raid through discord.
-Knowledge of the fights in any given tier. Which includes showing up with flasks, food, potions, runes, etc…
-Proper use and knowledge of DBM, BigWigs, Angry Assignments and RC Loot Council.
-People willing to help take leadership responsibility and help contribute to the success of the guild regardless of rank.

Our Needs
-Leadership Roles! Healing Officers are a priority as well as Co-GM.

-Currently we are recruiting all classes and specs for the raid team. Casuals, mythic plus and PvP folks are welcome but mythic raiders must maintain requirements listed above.

*450ish ilvl, 75ish neck, all important essences rank 3 and a level 8 cloak are ideal for instant raiding positions.


Bnet: WarCry#11646 or discord: WarCry#6172