ELE Sham LFG mythic prog

Hey Enhancement shammy swapping to ELE looking for a group to raid and M+ with. Free after 6pm EST would like to stay Horde. B-Tag Floburnz#1571

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Hey there Floburnz you sound like just what we are looking for. Here is a bit about us.
PopTarts Is a newly formed Raiding guild 3/12M, 12/12H in its week of creation and looking to fill out our roster for Mythic.
Raid Times/Requirements
Raid Times: Tues,Weds,Thurs 10PM-1AM EST
We require all Raiders to maintain a 90%+ attendance.
We require all Raiders to come prepared. Knowledgeable of fights, maintaining Cloak/Neck ETC.
Roster Needs
Currently looking for
Exceptional DPS.
Holy Pally
Disc Priest
About Us
We are a newly formed guild, having achieved AOTC within one week of our creation! Founded by two friends returning to the game looking to build a solid roster to finish off BFA and have a strong core team going into Shadowlands. Our focus is on Mythic Raiding and eventually becoming a guild achieving CE by the end of tier.
Contact Us!
Cobains - hamster#11650 (BNET) hamsterhiatus#9997(Discord) ~ GM
Slandor - BigChungus#1280 ~ RL
Noz - nos#1911 ~ Officer
Meta - #molo1476 ~Officer

We might be a good fit, check us out.

Computus Demum has been a progression-oriented raiding guild for almost 14 years. Our main raid nights are Wednesdays and Sundays 8-11PM EST. We have a sister guild that does Heroic runs on Tuesdays, We do M+ Mondays, and there’s generally action to be had every other night. We’re 3/12 M right now

The majority of our roster are adults who have real outside commitments to things like careers and family, which we generally accommodate. However, our expectation is that you put some effort into grinding and knowing your class and playing it well. We have been slowly pushing our way higher each Mythic tier and expect to arrive at a point where we can hit CE and hopefully sustain it. We do not tolerate drama or toxicity.

  • We require a 75 neck for raid invite*

Fill out an application on our website link and hit up Begzilla(Chibi#1952) or Ando(Dolgare#1940) for more info.

Application(remove the space between h and ttps):
h ttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GXbd95MY9VWIznarOiSX6ZHzryuECtQ4AivJvk-ezPk

Our raid leader streams our raids, as well as mythic +'s if you’re interested in checking us out: https://www.twitch.tv/dolgare

6pm to Midnight. EST

still looking.

Hey! We are looking to add some full-time ranged dps to our roster.

We are Months Behind on US-Eredar Horde
7/8M Uldir
7/9M BoD
2/2H Crucible
5/8M Eternal Palace
4/12M 12/12H Ny’alotha
Monday-Wednesday 8pm-11pm EST


Our goal is to clear current mythic content while remaining casual and laid back. We like to joke around and foster a community. Recruiting people who are looking for a “forever home” is a top priority. The guild has been around since 2006 and we don’t plan on going anywhere soon.

Contact Info
Battletag: Rebdull#1533
Discord: Rebdull#9648
Battletag: Jackson#13382
Discord: Hambrick#0289

still looking…

Tuesday/Thursday 8-11pm eastern? If so add me Haz#11909 or discord Haz#3047

Divine (H) Tichondrius 12/12H Friday/Saturday 8pm-11pm PST

Btag: Tyrue#1545 if you have any questions

Lok’tar, Flo!

Cinder and Ash - Mal’ganis Horde is 2/12M & 12/12H. We raid Fri/Sat 7-10 Central.

ember#1670 bnet

We’re alliance, but if you’re willing to swap we’d love a shaman- so far everyone of our raiders who wanted to DPS shaman ended up changing their mind.

Hiya! You’re welcome to come to a Thursday run, or do some mythic plus with us to see how we get along. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Server: Earthen Ring
Raid Progress as of posting: 12/12 Heroic
Main Progression Raid times: Tues/Wed 7:00 - 10:00 Eastern
Alt/open Raid Time: Thurs 7:30-10:30 Eastern
About us and what we offer: Earthen Ring is a quiet RP server that has essentially no RP to speak of, so it’s really a regular PvE server now. We have a core group of players that stick with us or always return after a break, so we’re always able to do Heroic and M+. As a result, we have a consistent setup for getting content done no matter what your aim is provided you don’t want to go hardcore and get Cutting Edge. We have two raids, one for skilled people that want to push the content in a much more relaxed environment that doesn’t require you to grind relentlessly, or an open raid, where all you have to do to get in is meet an ilvl requirement that is usually equivalent to current LFR, and have gems and enchants taken care of.

I completely understand that this slower pace is not for everyone, and by all means, feel free to keep looking if you want to find a Cutting Edge guild. In Valor, however, we don’t care if we get Cutting Edge or not. We get AotC every tier, and if we have enough people, we will push into Mythic with no extra requirements tacked on. We get where we get. This does not mean we accept just anyone, however. We do require people that want to get into the main raid prove their abilities. If this sounds appealing to you, then give me a shout.

At the moment, we are in that 17-20 range, and just short the people to reliably push mythic. Looking to get the last few people. We can work with just about anything, specifically looking for a reliable tank.

Contact: Btag Elay#1208
Discord: Renala#0010

Hello Floburnz, we are a casual progression guild looking for a couple DPS to fill out our raid for Mythic (currently 12/12H). Take a look at the guild spam below and if we seem like a guild you might be interested in feel free to contact me:

Discord Corenne#7007
Battle tag frosty#1498

Server: Blackhand/Galakrond
Faction: Horde
Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 7:30PM – 10:30PM CST

Enlightened Dark is recruiting for Ny’alotha, currently 12/12H. We are looking 1-2 dps to fill out our raid team for Mythic (pref range). We are a casual progression guild whose goal is to get AoTC for current content then try and move into Mythic as much as possible.

Raid times are Tues/Thurs 7:30-10:30 CST. There are also optional Sunday social/alt raid runs and Mythic Mondays.

What to expect from us:

  • Raiding at a semi-casual level, but still clearing content in a reasonable time frame.
  • Help with providing raid consumables and enchants/gems
  • Help with classes or in game knowledge when needed

What we expect from you:

  • Be respectful! (we like to joke around and have fun with each other, this includes non-pc; if it is being directed at you and you don’t like it please say something and we will stop but don’t expect others to stop making jokes with each other)
  • Be prepared for raids (consumable, strats, addons, etc)
  • Ability to listen, learn, and open to constructive criticism while learning
  • Prior notice if unable to make raids (let us know as soon as possible) we do understand real life happens!

Expansion Raiding Progression:
EP – 3/8M 8/8H(AoTC)
CoS - 2/2H(AoTC)
BFD - 1/8M 8/8H(AoTC)
Uldir - 2/8M 8/8H(AoTC)

if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via this forum, discord or in game. Also any of our officers on server: Ranes, Raellia, and Anxiety

Hi Floburnz,

Who are we?
We are a new guild made up of veterans, currently 7/12 H and we are looking to jump to mythic raiding quickly. Guild is being put together by a veteran with competitive raiding experience, previous guild hosting and raid leading. We are just starting our roster for mythic raiding. Please see below for details.

Raiding/Recruiting Info

  • Contact btag: exelzero#1102, dacuzz#1826
  • Server: Proudmoore
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Raid Times: 9pm - 12am (PST)
  • Ilvl requirements: 455+
  • Mandatory Addons: Deadly Boss Mods and Exorsus Raid Tools

What we are looking for!
Currently seeking mainly dps and healers. We are open to hybrid folks who have both dps/tank or dps/healing spec available.

Current demand:

Boomkin (Open to hybrid)
Holy Priest
Holy Paladin [HIGH]
Death Knights (Open to hybrid)
Shaman (Open to hybrid)[RESTO HIGH DEMAND]
Monk (open to hybrid)
Demon Hunter (DPS)

Guild culture!
We’re laid back, throw lots of jokes. We enjoy dark humor and fun ideas. However, when it’s time to get serious we put our mean war faces on and bring out the best of our quality as players to clear out content. Bring your beers to raid night and lets crack down some progression! We also get involved in Mythic + runs.

I thank you all in advance, and I wish you all happy smashing!


Hey Floburnz,

We’re alliance, but if you’re open to faction swapping we offer a pretty amazing atmosphere and a low time commitment with the goal of CE each tier. We are a real community with arena, alt runs, vision groups, keys etc. going on off-nights.
We currently have no DPS shaman on our raiding roster, and are looking to add an ele to our core!

I’m going to post our spam below, and if you like what you see, please reach out to an officer or post an application:

Hello! 12/12H is looking for capable raiders (specifically rDPS) to fill our mythic team.

We raid Tu/Th 830p-1130p EST. We foster a friendly raid environment with occasional banter. Additionally we frequently run M+ and random bgs in guild groups.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for reach out to Blackrend#6342 or giles#7702 on Discord. See our standard recruitment post below for more detail. Hope to hear from you!


  • Raid Times:
    mythic team: Thursday 8-11 and Sunday 7-11 Central
    casual team: Monday/Tuesday 6:30-9 Central
  • Current Progression:
    mythic team: 6/12M Nya, 7/8M EP, CE BoD, 7/8M Uldir, Legion Cutting Edge EN, ToV, Antorus
    casual team: AOTC Nya, AOTC EP, 1-9M BoD, 2/8M Uldir


  • Our mythic team is LF1-2M adult raiders for the core team. Ideally a fire mage, warrior or boomkin. Also would consider a solid tank.
    However , we are open to all players regardless of class who fit the team.
  • Our casual team is also LFM for casual heroic raiding (Mon/Tues 6:30-9 Central) with some mythic as the roster expands. High priority for boomkin, priest and warlock.
  • Preference for older raiders due to the average age of the both team’s members.

Enjoy this post written by one of our mythic team’s raiders:

About the mythic team:

Team Aggro Wores is looking to fill our ranks with more players for nights filled with raiding, frustration, and occasionally loot! We are a mythic progression team comprised largely of decent to talented players who refuse to accept their mediocrity and stubbornly strive for Cutting Edge each tier. If this sounds like you and describes how you want to spend your nights for whatever reason, please read on! We are looking for raiders who:

  • Can act like adults and treat each other with (at least a minimum level of) respect (for at least 7 hours a week). Our average raider age is 30+ and has a tendency towards crotchety opinions and boring hobbies. We do have younger raiders, but they have learned to be okay with some of our more insecure members seething with envy of their youth. Also, 20% of our roster is LGBT. We didn’t go out and try to recruit them, but somehow they keep finding us and here we are, years later, with a small cadre of lumberjacks and princesses.
  • Are reliable and attend 90% of raids since mythic is inflexible with raid sizes and you can easily screw over 18 normal people and 1 shrieking harpy of a raid leader. You think I’m kidding but, for real, she’ll come at you. Real life happens, and we all get that, but a week’s notice for absences is considered a courtesy to your fellow teammates and assists with roster management.
  • Maintain great raid awareness since mythic is really hard and we’ll have a tougher time slogging through it if you don’t read up on mechanics or watch strat videos before encounters. Also of note, I’ve learned the best way to have a peaceful night is to mess up as little as possible so the RL leaves you alone. Kind of a Stockholm syndrome that results in a win-win situation, really.
  • Handle criticism well and accept feedback ; related to the shrieking harpy note above. When people get overly defensive about their mess ups, it makes for really awkward pauses in conversation on Discord and my little heart can’t handle that.

About the guild:

on Burning Legion is a large guild that has been around since the ice age, practically. The elders among us say the raid team has been around since 2007. The team was initially comprised of two guilds which eventually merged to form in 2010. We’ve been fortunate that the guild has remained active all these years, even during content droughts and rough expansions.

We have two raid teams; in addition to our Aggro Wores team described above, we also have a second more casual raid team, Grumpy Old Men, which has somehow evolved over the years to be less crabby than Aggro Wores.

I don’t know if it’s the hours of mythic progression forcing familiarity or if we genuinely like each other, but the team has developed a great sense of community. Our Discord server is very active and celebrated our 8th in-person guild party at last year’s Blizzcon, even if one of our warlocks is as much of a snide little punk in person!

Additional information:

Our RL made me copy and paste this section since she’s a dictator and feels it’s necessary and, frankly, most of the time it’s easier to just let her get her way than argue:

  • Our raiding policy and code of conduct are listed on our website at [ww w. crossbonesguild. org](http:// ww w. crossbonesguild .org/) (please make an account to see all of the site’s content).
  • We do not check our Reddit mail on this account so please contact directly in game or via our website.
  • You can contact the RL/GM directly on Bnet: Kaligaran#1236 or Discord: Kali#0021 if you’re insane enough to think the mythic group will suit you.
  • If you are interested in casual heroic raiding, please contact on Bnet: Tandy#11606 . ]