Ele botters are back

Encountered these cheese guys insta lassoing my eye beams, tremor totem as soon as my fear goes down (not even feared yet), instant ground as soon as I press hunt.

https ://imgur.com/a/asWamTT
https ://Imgur.com/a/4lfnnbp


Did they ever leave?


Eventually my healer got hoj and I got cloned, my boomie died then they spammed emoted me lol.

Ele bots are this expansions version of fly hacking kickbotting rbgers back in the day

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Hrm. First one is a little sus. Second one isn’t.

Gotta be careful on the forums calling folks out though. :frowning: Blizz frowns on it, though ele bots are awful to deal with.

Some hunter accused me of scripting on my priest because I was fading all his traps. So I kinda go either way on the cheating accusations.

Ele is also doing 67 k dps if I’m right it’s not high enough for a bot imo.

Yeah I haven’t seen anything to make me believe the new cheating methods have been addressed in any way by Blizzard.

Tbh neither are really suspicious.

If your eyebeam barely animated or like you canceled hunt at the last nano second with consistent no ground- sure, that raises an eyebrow imo

but these aren’t superhuman plays. We’ve had 3 weeks of DH nonstop and Hunt is in every arena weakaura package, wouldnt be suprised if eyebeam is because of S2 tier.

Same with lassoing full/mid range hunts. Lasso trades incredibly well vs demonic, don’t think its crazy at all to hold it specifically for the DH

Edit: I did face an ele that 20% of his overall damage was on my totems.

He’d kill mid-air static fields while his team was mid transit, kill cap totems that i’d project .5s before detonating and groundings before i’d see them spawn/they could absorb a spell

Even then I’m only really suspicious about killing static field mid projection.

Blizzard is too busy nerfing healers to care about this, sorry!


Ele bots never left. It’s so impossible to hoj them too, no matter how long I wait the second i hit hoj they ground it. They don’t annoy me much in solo but normal arena they piss me off.

The first clip is me calling it out if you have the volume on, I’m like, watch I’m going to eye beam here and he’s going to lasso, it gets stunned the second it goes off.
P.s. I don’t channel eye beams, I insta cancel them too.

It’s not that insane tho, idk. Lassoing demonic is kinda part of the game plan as ele if you’re being trained.

If you’re not fel erupted it’s the best thing to press

Jus doesn’t look crazy at all to me, need to see behavior longer than 8s, and like someone else said the damage isn’t insane which is what you’d bot ele for.

Like the hunt thing, you don’t need to pre ground to redirect the dot. Id imagine a bot would always ground when the combat log registers hunt completing

If you say so, if you watch the first clip again, he doesn’t even have me targeted, he had just windsheared my healer before lasso, and I targeting my boomie. Either this guy is best ele in NA or botting.

It’s possible with the tier set if 3+ flame shocks are sitting up and you proc ascendance a lot. Still seems a tad high though. If you sustain that dps for an entire game you’re either the best ele on the planet or probably botting…and the healer never hit dispel once.

Arena 1,2,3 macros are a thing and given how compressed the playerbase is, it’s possible that’s the case and it’s a smurf.

That said, the way to tell is based on a pattern and other actions. Are they ever grounding anything else? Do they have perfect flame shock uptime on all players and pets? Did they ever bother casting hex? How about Icefury or other globals? Most of the “bots” are scripts not actual AI, so they can only do rudimentary tasks while the player steers the ele around. If they’re just pumping insane damage and stopping beam/the hunt but doing literally nothing else it’s a trash player using a bot. If they do all of that and are making other plays it’s questionable depending on the player experience but possible.

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I agree, the best way to beat the BOTs is to Buff Demon Hunters!!!

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Yea there’s no doubt ppl bot ele

Tho wouldn’t I look goofy if I showcased 2 (5s) clips of a shaman dropping grounding only on primordial wave

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I’ve also been getting CC’d in the first 0.0000001 seconds of eyebeam lately… These bots are really annoying.

Slill issue

Lol get rekt, thats what ya get for being a dh :laughing:


I would argue that maintaining 3 Flame Shocks is that hard unless you play against double dispel Priest, AoE dispel H Pala, Judgement Ret or Havoc. Into Demo or BM you can even maintain 6 Flame Shocks.

The issue with bots is that it’s not possible for human to always spend all procs before pressing Earth Shock. It’s even possible to get a proc while pressing Earth Shock. That’s why bots pull more dps. Ele is fun because it’s all about APM. Should we kill it because Blizzard cannot handle botting? Hopefully they will eventually end it like Honor Buddy