Elder tribunal is an aotc horde guild in need of more old people

Guild is old AF (originally from EverQuest) and as casual as you can get while still pushing Max reward keys and AoTC.

We Raid Tues/Thursday 8pm-10:30pm EST.

We have some seriously talented people with close to Cutting Edge experience, people who use the Icy Veins easy mode guide, and everywhere in between… most importantly we have **no toxicity **towards anyone at any time for performance during a raid. Having constructive criticism is welcome… being a douche canoe is not.

Attendance is ‘at will,’ so if you are a come whenever I feel like it person you will fit right in here. We have a core of 12 people that are here every night and 12 people that randomly come twice a month. If you want to be a casual or a core member we can get you in. With this format we only have people that want to be there so it is more light hearted. We have gotten AoTC the last 4 tiers in a row and are now getting AoTC faster than cross realm mythic is opening up, so we need you to come help us kill more stuff.

Hit up zane if you are interested.

Shameless bump.

bump you say?

Still active on Bloodhoof?

We are still here and always recruiting if you want to raid.

Wish your raids started after 9 pm CST!