Eitar-Korgath LF guild


Good Afternoon,Day or Night :heart:

My in game name is Eitar and i been playing the game for six months now.
I have been floating around from server to server looking for the best one to call home! i came to the conclusion that I do not want to be part of a big server\Guild.
so here I am picking the lowest pop server to call my home and this is it.
(Things I like to do)

Island expeditions


leveling Characters

Attempting to do Mythic Plus lol

Random battlegrounds

professions (I know I’m weird)

So if there’s any community or Guild that like super casual people like me I love to be part of it. #Lookingforfriends private message me please if you’re interested in this noob XD

Twitter: Eitar_
Discorde: Eitar#4079