Efficient Looter - lagging hard cross realm. add option to remove please blizzard

Torghast - First run, no issues. Then we got the Efficient Looter talent and went for our second run.

2 Oceanic and 1 US realm players. 2 OCE copping extreme issues trying to cast. So we run out, reset, disband, restart WoW and form up again. Go in and now our US player is copping the same behaviour.

As soon as the mobs start dying weird lag begins and they are unable to do much at all. Makes things really hard as he’s out tank and unable to kite, pop defensives or do damage. Several seconds after the mob deaths stop it catches up.

If multiple targets are dying one after the other, the auto looter just keeps looting, when it does i cant use any abilities until the mobs stop dying and autolooter stop looting.

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Honestly, I had enough time to search this up whilst still looingt and then type out this comment, it honestly was a fantastic concept, but it was poorly executed.

Blizz, fix please. Add option to reset Torghast knowledge tree

So don’t choose this guy? Thank you for your sacrifice.

I chose before I knew of the issue. I’m asking for a reset of Torghast knowledge.
Spoke to GM’s in ticket they said developer’s most likely know about it now due to multiple bug reports about the issue. Just have to wait for a patch now and see if they fix :confused:

I just ran into this issue! Is there any way to reset the Torghast knowledge?