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How exactly have they treated the user base so poorly?


They are treating us just fine. They are doing exactly what they told us they would be doing.



Post on your classic character then.

There are so many changes that are a detriment to the original vanilla experience that it’s ridiculous. Spell batching causing endless pvp bugs is a perfect example. The original client didn’t have those issues, you’d think a multi-billion dollar company could work out these issues that a 2004 client can do.


The biggest thing recently is absolute radio silence on forums, then out of the blue (no pun intended) a Blizzard rep replies to a troll thread with a gif image. That was the first blue forum response in weeks.


First, I’ll post on my classic character just as soon as Blizzards trust system is account based rather than character specific.

Second, if you are looking at an avatar rather than the content of a post then you have already lost. You are looking for a way out because you don’t feel like you can compete with logic.


Look at this Blue post four days ago … Complete radio silence… then a brazilian-worded thread gets responded to with a middle school C-list gif image


What part of that previous post needed trust factor? It didn’t. Where’s your logic now?

They clearly haven’t been doing #nochanges or else we’d be using the old client still. Mail changes, graphic changes, BG changes, spell batching and bugged content. There are tons of problems but I doubt you’d be aware of them.


I’m not excited for Shadowlands or 8.3. If I ever go back it’ll be after pathfinder for Shadowlands is fully available. I’m sure by then there will be enough catch up mechanics that I can just jump right back in without farming new currencies every patch to stay current.

Classic is fine. Stop qqing.

Btw: Copping a famous OG guilds tag is pretty freaking lul…


You should probably speak for yourself instead of assuming that your personal opinion is shared by the entire player base. I know plenty of Classic players who’ve been playing WoW since Day 1 that plan on checking out Shadowlands. Contrary to popular belief, Classic and Retail are not mutually exclusive. You can play both.


I’ve already bought Shadowlands.


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OP you got to remember classics massive success is a real sore spot for blizzard. Its a painful reflection of what they once where and a damning testament to how much their customers reject everything they are now. Classic was probably pitched to them as a way to get old players back into the game and then funnel them towards retail. it succeeded on getting back the old players but instead of funneling those old players towards retail it has sucked allot of retail players into classic and wont let go. Also past the 15$ a month and character xfers we can’t be monetized! microtransactions make allot of money and it could very well be the case that classic has actually cost blizzard to lose out on revenue despite the historic uptick in subscriptions.

Classic may also go on to to hurt shadowlands release. with the vast majority of classic players having no interest in it at all some former retail players that would have otherwise have gotten shadowlands may just decide its not worth it anymore or adopt a wait and see attitude because they are still too engaged with their guilds progression in classic to care. At the end of the day even though they both share a sub fee they are still two different MMO’s that are competing with each other and one of them is clearly winning out to the detriment of the other.


Like DK’s, this post smells like old cabbage.

They don’t care about us since we have no real microtransactions or tokens. Also they wished classic never happened at all.

What are the Mail changes?? What the what?!! #nochanges

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Why do you say they wished classic never happened? What do you mean?

Classic is proof they suck at developing games and it can’t be milked for mount money.


This is a joke meme at this point. Between faction issues and the absurd population they allowed on single servers with no adjustments to game world spawns. The core gameplay has been changed.

Shadowlands was always going to happen regardless of Classic. Who gave you the impression that BLizzard wants you to buy Shadowlands if youre a predominant Classic player?? Youre already paying the Sub fee :slight_smile:


idk why people hate on blizz so much. theyve provided so much entertainent to so many people including us and around the world. theyve listened to the classic player base so im satisfied. shadowlands, idk. but they did a great job with classic. idk why so many people complain it has its imperfections but what doesnt? theyre p good with getting back to you at least or from my experiences they have. not the BEST but not the worst for sure. gj blizz keep up the good work