ED or Moon Guard

Which has more quality RP going on these days?

I prefer guild RP and organized events over random/generic pick-up RP. Also faction doesn’t matter to me, can be either.

MG has a very large alliance RP community, but aside from that always find people on the docks, even in every district of SW rping. Horde side is kinda dead, but there are some guilds on MG horde. I would just make horde on WrA if you want some quality RP.

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If you prefer organized events you’re better off here. Walk up just never took off. We’ve made a concerted effort but, likely owing to the servers RPPVP origin, not too many of us seem to idle unlese que’d for something.

Tend to be about 2 to 5 events on Horde side a week. Obviously things are a bit on the low end now as most have IRL stuff to worry about that’s going to trump WoW. But I’d expect a boom as everyone gets a home routine going.

Blue Side seems to have no shortage of events either. In fact we’ve a cross faction RPPVP tonight in about an hour.

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Yeah, if you prefer event oriented and guild RP, ED is the place to be.

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Moon Guard.

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If you’re not wanting to be limited to a guild for RP, definitely MG.

I will say, ED has wonderful guilds though. MG is more walk up, always public events etc.

Moon Guard is more Erotic RP while ED is more War RP we tend to RP like it was the WWE like one person has said.