ED Discord

Greetings fellow WoW players of Emerald Dream. I’ve returned to check things out for a bit and noticed that the alliance ED-RP discord is gone. Is there any other discord channel where people link up? Maybe a cross-faction channel or something?

If so, would anyone be kind enough to give me an invite link here?

Thanks :grinning:

I’m not seeing the Discord server this morning. Did something happen? Was I banned?

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Lluagor closed it because almost everyone quitted WoW and there’s too few that wanted to stay and keep in touch.

He already said his intentions 1-2 weeks ago. RIP ED.

Lmao dead game :poop::poop::poop:

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Oh man, I totally missed it. I hung out in the art and recruitment stuff, but I loved seeing the community posts and reading of the post vault night or bar night shenanigans.

I’m really sorry to see it go.

To the mods and owners, thank you for all the good times. I’m sorry it ended like this.


Damn I’m sad, so many good memories…

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Everything dies eventually.

there’s a whole New World™ out there boys