Eclipses and how they play

At this point why arent eclipses just based on a 15 second cycle and trigger back and forth automatically?

Forcing you to trigger the eclipse isnt the fun “im about to enter my eclipse” moment and i cant see it ever being that way with how the spec plays. With how strong eclipse is its mandatory to trigger it and sit in the buff as long as you can. But there isnt even a rotation of eclipses anymore. Its just this super watered down cast 2 really bad spells to trigger a buff. Then in 15 seconds you get the stupid reminder that you have to hard cast your clunky not the right spell for the moment twice again to cast the spell youd rather cast.

Managing eclipse feels even more clunky with dot management on top of it all. Having all 3 of your dots on targets and managing starfalls doesnt feel bad. But juggling eclipses and using wrath and starfire just dont seem to fit in the theme of the dot management which were being forced to play this go.

I think passive buffs and auto pilot abilities are kinda silly. But I actually feel like having windows for balance druid you can see coming and cant stop them from happening ( much like the day and night cycle of real life ) would be a much more interesting concept rather than this clunky one we got right now. Could we even go as far to say that wrath and starfire are one ability that changes based on the eclipse your in?

Just spit balling that last part but is anyone enjoying the way current eclipse functions?

the ticking back and forth was changed because “payers wanted more control”. they just need to remove eclipses all together and have the damage of or casted abilities buffed to what they are in eclipse. There is too much management with boomie to enjoy currently. need to remove something. That and buff SS by 10-20%, or make the AP cost 30-35.


I agree. With the changes to mastery eclipse feels like its even less of something anyone wants to play around.