Eclipse question on ST

I’ve been playing balance for a few weeks now, and i have a question about eclipse. Sometimes i get into lunar eclipse in ST by casting too many wraths, and would like to know if it’s better to use starfire to benefit from the eclipse, or if casting wraths is still the better option.

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Casting Starfire twice to get you into a Solar Eclipse (spam Wrath) is preferrable for single target.

Casting Wrath twice to get you into a Lunar Eclipse (spam Starfire) is preferrable for multi-target.

If you pay careful attention to when your eclipses end, you can go back to back into the Eclipse that you want. The only requirement is to cast Starfire or Wrath twice once the previous eclipse ends.

to clarify, what i’m in doubt is: if i, by accident, enter into a lunar eclipse in ST, should i start using starfall to benefit from the eclipse, or should i use wrath without the benefit

Leverage Eclipse benefits whenever they’re up.

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Honestly I’m not sure the answer to your question, but it might be worth hitting a target dummy and seeing how hard wrath hits in lunar eclipse vs starfire, and figure out a damage per cast time breakdown. Also, you need to factor in the astral power generation from the spell too.

I suspect it’s better to cast starfire in single target given the astral generation and damage per cast time, but I mostly just pvp and if I have time to cast I generally just go for the wrath instead of the starfire since starfire usually takes an annoying amount of time for the benefit(in PVP).

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There was a period in S1 I believe where we went into lunar and still used wrath. Something to do with generation per cast or something like that.

The reality is you just gotta test things with your gear. I’d imagine that it’s still probably the same overall, but minmaxxing requires the testing. Otherwise just due whatever eclipse you’re in.