So, to t’ose o’ you still on ‘ead Ravenho’t, how do ya feel about t’ese new foot stools wi’t metal arms an’ legs? I personally find t’at t’ey sink rat’er quickly when they are mix’d wi’t wat’r.

Sometimes they spark too, I like that. It’s like a happy little bonus as you watch them try to float. But they can’t float. They are metal foot stools. Silly metal foot stools.

Yes lil’buddy, silly metal foot stools.

I prefer the term ‘Step Ladder’.

To’ay in t’a news.

PVP Brawl: Veggie E’tion is a broken mess. Fir more on t’is we go to Ottis. Ottis can you tell t’a view’rs w’ats happ’n t’ere?

Sure thing smelly-bone-bag. It is a crime against the Horde. There appears to be a massive grey void next to the Horde’s stewing pot. Whenever the a joyful Orc, or an over dressed Elf, try to get close to the pot to feed the starving talking bear folk they disappear. They have no explanation for their lost time, but when they reappear they are unable to locate the stewing pot, and can’t get rid of those terrible veggies. I’d say let the bears have them, but it looks like the rest of the decent Horde folk will have to eat them instead. It really is a tragedy slack-jawed no-face. Back to you.

Remind me ta pull yir ears lat’r. Has t’ere been any spec’lation as ta w’at caus’d t’a void ta form?

*Nothing official at the moment, but I blame the foot stools. Those foot stools have been collaborating with their new metal legged foot stool friends. I believe they crossed stools and divided by zero. It was part of their grand scheme to cheat and have the Alliance gain the favor of the always hunger bears that are missing their balls to dance on. It is a dirty move, and one that can only be solved with a good gnome punting.

T’ank ya Ottis. I can only hope t’at everyone punts a foot stool. T’ey can not git away wi’t t’is. Fir Not-Und’r City news, I’ll eat yir child’n.