<Echelon> is rebuilding - Looking for a start? We may be it

Guild: Echelon

Server: Icecrown - Connected servers: Burning Blade, Lightning’s Blade, Onyxia, Garona, Malygos (SERVER IS CST)

Faction: Horde

Language: English

Contact: See below

Officers: Wiconi, Vaylen (me)

Zalmoony, Litehoof (not me)

Echelon was founded in 2007 before the opening of The Dark Portal. We were a top tier raiding guild all through Wrath of the Lich King, and then our team slowly started families, and moving on…

Today I come before you with a proposition…

We would like to be able to once again join the front lines of the war effort, and to do so we will need like minded individuals.

Right now there are SIX people under the guild banner. I came back to the game two months ago after being gone for over a decade, and the guild remains.

We are looking to bolster our ranks with any and all players and people. As of right now we are a VERY casual guild as we move up through current content, and are looking for people to not only have around as new friends, but also eventual group/raid members.

I don’t care about your mythic keys, your gear score, or your abilities…What I care about is finding good people to make the environment of the game better, and to work toward BUILDING to the end game content on our own terms, and what works for us.

We are all family oriented players nowadays, and we want to be able to nurture an inclusive environment, and build and in game family environment as well. Some of my best friends in the world were all members of my guild at one point.

I would like to do that again. Come join a legacy guild, and help us rebuild it’s great name once again?

We will raid eventually…

We will do mythics eventually…

We will do it all eventually…

Right now we just want to find some good people to enjoy our favorite game with.

I have one pre-requisite…

Please HATE the Alliance?

Our Discord server is complete, and we are building our community both in game, and IRL. If this seems like a good environment to you…Please reach out to me through the following…

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  • Discord - Vaylen#9528
  • Battlenet - Vaylen#1488