Easy/Good Way to make Gold?


So I’m a returning player. KIND of new to the game. I just reached 111 and doing my quests in BFA. However I’ve been wanting more gold. Currently I have like 12k and I feel that’s not really gonna get me by soon. Plus, what if I want to give my other toons gold for flying? What’s an easy way/good way to make gold? Is running old MoP or WoD raids worth it, by selling the gear? I’m not sure.

Thanks in advance.


Purchase a WoW Token.


Running old raids is a standard way. Just doing the WQ Emissary dailies will net you good gold too once you hit exalted. Just depends on how much gold you want. Honestly if your time is really limited sadly the token might be a good option.


My time isn’t limited. I can play whenever I want thankfully!

It’s just the matter of what and how to go about farming old gold. I just want an effective way to get a lot of gold to know that I’ll be fine and good money wise.


There’s some decent Youtube videos on how best to farm raids out there. You can still play the AH a bit but honestly the market is pretty terrible right now. Most crafts are just dead. The days of making gold like in WoD are pretty much done.


Mop raids and cataclysm can yield over 1k per run. Also call to arms gives about 1k for a 15 minute dungeon at 120 if you are tank mostly. Herbalism is decent money for profession. And world quests of coarse at 120 can give you good gold per hour.


steelbound harness x3 week takes about 3-4 hours of actual game time to make easy 75k