Earthfury server missing from classic

I know today is the consolidation day but earthfury has never been on any list for it. Today it is gone, what’s the deal?

As far as I know, the realms are still under maintenance. I’d wait until everything is back up and running after 11:00 PDT which is in about an hour and a half or so.

Edit: Or perhaps I’m wrong as it looks like TBC servers are back up. Sorry, I don’t know why Earthfury isn’t showing.

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Looks like Earthfury should be back soon based on a post in the TBC gen forum :wink:


It is being looked into - yes.


Now it’s showing as being sent to sulfuras. Can we please get a clear message from the team?

This communication is far from acceptable. My case specifically, i already transferred off of the server getting blown up…only for you guys to blow up the destination as well. And now im reading i have to wait two weeks to be able to use my characters again

They’re looking into the Earthfury issue Gankzn. It’s not the same as those who chose to stay on a server that was being retired.

Since it doesn’t look like this was meant to happen, it may be a bit before they have details for us.


While i understand that, im now being told by the consolidation lists…that earthfury is gone…so instead of pushing out a narrative that has no supprting evidence, id rather youd just say nothing at all.

34 minutes ago by an SFA. What more do you want

Welcome to a player help player forum with oversite from SFAs like the one quoted above. Further, anyone in good standing can post in any thread they choose to.

Now that we got the not fun formalities out of the way, i know you are frustrated. I totally get it and understand. Truly wish i had the solution that could get you in game right now. Sadly, something like this takes time. Orlyia has already acknowledfed Blizz is aware of the issue. Now it is a waiting game. Sorry i dont have anything better than that.


My frustration lies in the fact that i have been given 3 different answers as to whats happening now…by blizz staff…one it wasnt supposed to happen and its coming back…2 IT IS BEING CONSOLIDATED and i will suffer the same as those who didnt choose a transfer… and 3… we dont know whats going on…so my point is…until you have something useful, with facts to back it up, dont give me an assumption and think that will suffice.

It’s been a bit, but hopefully you noticed the last update by Kaivax it was about the time of your post.


Yeah, we really need to start a petition to get Kaivax a raise. Hes been awesome in all this.


Hey folks,

I created and pinned a thread on this subject. We’ll provide updates there as we get them.