Earthfury Server Discord

Server Discord is Here!


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Don’t waste your time joining this Discord server. Just got kicked by Xiv for asking peoples recommendation on a guild based on their experience. WTF!?

No, you got banned* for acting like a child. We don’t foster that behaviour in our discord. When people try to help me I usually thank them instead of being passive aggressive and calling them “sensitive”. Grow up.

Your claim of me acting like a child has no weight. I asked for guild recommendations on the channel based on personal experience… you decided to speak and answer for everyone in the channel by telling me to go read the #recruitment channel which is just a list of recruitment ads posted by guild recruiters. I respond by telling you it’s not what I’m looking for and even thanked you. The child here is you… a sensitive one at that - with a power trip hence you kicking me from the channel.


Have a good day.

This discord server is complete garbage.


updated the link for all the new people!

We are getting good at managing Ony head drops horde side, if you haven’t joined yet it’s good stuff

Oof. Sounds like the only way to make this server great again is to unban me xD

Hi all. I’m bumping an old thread, but we do have an EF discord community! Sadly we don’t see too many of the newer players around. Please join us!

I might swing through to see if it got better.

Kinda reminds me of world chat though, alot of people placing too many responses all at once. Hard to keep up with.

Do you have an old man channel on the Dad Server Discord? that might be more my speed.

I go on the Discord all the time too and it does move fast. I prefer the forums and always have, we just need more people here. I’ve like speaking with the discord people too though.

Isnt Ira retired? :slight_smile:

I have retired from ranking but I took on the job of bounty hunting hehe :slight_smile:

#general doesn’t move too fast. Most of the fast talk happens in the pvp and social chat channels.

Or just chilling in IF with a mage and druid. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love IF, it’s my favorite city. Sadly the guards do not take my presence too kindly so I have to squirrel my way into less visited areas :slight_smile:

If it’s the Loot Goblins discord, don’t bother joining it unless you’re Horde and mega-sweaty about the game. They kick/ban anyone they don’t like.
There’s another Earthfury server that’s welcoming to people, so I suggest trying to find that one.


Yes. I was banned because I struck an emotional cord of Kong for mentioning that his lionheart helmets are made by my guild.

Disregard his community guidelines - the leadership of that discord do not follow them. Kong insulted my whole guild by name calling - clearly breaking community guidelines but they don’t care about that. They are above the rules.

Nothing surprising really, from a guild that promotes a streamer of questionable moral character when it comes to children