Early morning events

I have talked to a few people who would like some ‘earlier in the day’ events. I feel like we could possibly field a few light rp events for the early morning folks.

I need some feedback and a headcount. Who would be interested in some events in the daytime, say from 8 am (server time) to noon? Or maybe I can get your input on how early you can be in-game and ready to rp? Also, need to know your faction.


I play both factions and am available most days starting around 8:30-9 server!

Working overnight on the east coast puts me in a prime position for that time frame. I get home around 9am (6 server). Not sure what I can contribute as I really haven’t done anything rp wise in game in a long time save for a few bar talks heh. Even the story I’m doing right now I can never get in for anything and the cool stuff usually happens when I’m at work.

I do have some horde characters as well. My computer is kind of outdated, but I can handle normal adventures.

I’m usually around 6-10 Central Time, horde! (Though i may make an alliance character for rp purposes).

Hallows end tomorrow too!

Same, it’s been about 8 years since I’ve done any roleplay in game!

Great to hear!! I will try and set up a tavern style random rp event starting at 8, though I am usually not up that early. I suggest you all just randomly walk into the Recluse and sit down and have breakfast! Or whatever excites you in early mornings.

I will try to get into game before noon my time, (Pacific) so if I see you there its great, but anyone is welcome to join in. You should definitely announce your intent to rp in a location in the allianceooc chat, and maybe in general as well. We can build up walk up/random rp on the Four Realms if we just get busy and do it!

Also say something in the discord channel to gather more people!

I can be around in the mornings on Mondays and Tuesdays from around 7am server on. :slight_smile:

Though might I suggest possibly choosing a neutral location so that our cross-faction friends can join?

Thanks for getting this organized!

The hardest thing for cross faction rp is going to be Chromie time. If you are in a different timeline than anyone else you will not see them. It’s going to be a pain in the behind to work around.

Scheduled events will have to take that into consideration. Best if everyone drops Chromie time and goes to present timeline. The only place I can think of for cross faction would be Booty Bay, but I am open to suggestions. Breakfast in Ratchet maybe? This is to encourage low levels to rp, and I know a lot of people are leveling alts right now.

What about Old Dalaran? IIRC, the portal is accessible by low levels (I would need to verify this), it’s neutral, and has the Legerdemain Lounge which would work well as a coffee shop for RP.

I might be able to participate from time to time, and I play both Horde and Alliance. Mostly Horde though.