Dwindling pvp playerbase, and yet so many premades

This is the unhealthiest Ive seen this game


Trying to form coherent thoughts on a message board?

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For anyone who doesn’t believe this, try solo queuing for random epic bgs during prime time.

You’ll frequently run into premade raids.

Pray you don’t see the Wintergrasp loading screen.


Well considering you need 3 healers on you at all times I’d say so :dracthyr_comfy_sip:


Its so over :pensive:

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The easy solution is to just not queue epic bg’s. They’re trash at their best, absolutely zero reason to queue them.


i dont need healers, and i never will truly need them with the way fury works in epics, they are nice to stop me from rotting of dots though after i finish killing the entire enemy team.

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That’s a lie because when I was in GG they would tell all healers to focus and pocket you constantly . And ik for a fact you still have 3 following you around like lil lost puppies . Nice try tho


“they” i dont care for them, its their choice to follow me or not to follow me, if they want to pocket people who perform well that makes perfect sense LOL???


Not it isn’t their choice . They are told by your premade lead to . Tiny puppy , chaos , etc come on man your not fooling me . You seem to forget I was in GG . They def are not your pug healers . That’s a fact .

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How dare you epics are the best esp AV

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AV is the perfect example for why epics are terrible. It’s either a pure PvE game where teams completely ignore each other and race bosses or it ends up as a turtle where both teams end up spamming AoE at each other at choke points for an hour. Both situations are extremely boring.

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I didn’t realize Inemia was in this thread.


av is the best

aww poor thing im not sorry that you need 3 heals to be top dmg boo hoo

tumblr ? that site still exists ?!?!?!



“Never play chess with a pigeon — it knocks the pieces over, craps on the board, and flies back to its flock to claim victory."

– Scott D. Weitzenhoffer


If you can cap conquest easily via nonepic random BGs and soloQ random BGs, then the epic BGs are going to have nothing but q-syncers in them.


It is an old game and one that does not cater so well towards new players. At least on the pvp side of things.

Casuals have been slipping away for a few years now, and those who are left are the ones that already know what they’re doing.