Duplicate characters in the armory on the same realm - causing continual armory resets and bugs


Submitted a ticket on this issue since its been years with no resolution. The GMs could not fix this for me. Very frustrating because they are my top 2 played characters.

Hello Game Master,

I have been having an on-going issue with a bugged armory since MoP/WoD.

The Story : i went horde on 2 characters, Ivory and Emerald on the server Emerald Dream.

At some point i transfered them back to the alliance.

Here is the bug: my account shows i have 2 Ivory’s a level 90 (orc) and 120 (nelf) and 2 Emerald one level 90 (undead) and one 120 (nelf) .

The armory frequenly resets my 2 characters constantly as it internally struggles back and forth to the level 90 versions with the level 120 versions.

Is there any way a supervisor or someone can look at this 5+ year old issue and get rid of these 2 “ghost” level 90s that dont exist.

It is super frustrating because it bugs out any search functionality with these characters and also Resets their Raider. io score because the armory is constantly thinking my characters are faction/level changing over and over.

When i go to my character selection on the forums you can physically see 2 ivory and 2 emerald characters on emerald dream, as described above.

Thank you for reading.

This was the ticket response:

Heyo, Game Master ******** here to help. :]

I see you’ve been playing since 04, 15 years, that’s awesome! :smiley: I understand you’re having some issues with your characters on the Armory. So checking things out, sadly there’s not much we in CS can do here, but you can report that on the Armory bug forums to be sure the Devs get eyes on it.

Fair travels and bountiful loot, bows