Dungeon Layering

For the people using Layering to exploit respawns for bosses - they should have some time in the penalty box to think about what they’ve done.

Is nothing being done about this Blizzard?

I have tons of links of people doing this, but I can’t post them here.

Flask recipes being sold less than Righteous Orbs? Hitting your pre-bis and getting your super rare epics from end-game instances in one run? You need to comb through the logs and start throwing out bans - I don’t care if they’re permanent or not.

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Check the stickies bud

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They should get it like Illidan, 10000 year ban.

why couldn’t you have just posted in one of the numerous threads that already exist… or read the blue post in regard to the exploit.

Man, and here I was a little happy because I thought I discovered the bug first when I bug reported it a few days ago. Didn’t know it was going on for over a week already. :frowning:

defines cheats as “methods not expressly authorized by Blizzard

Blizzard included Sharding - they lacked the foresight to disable all possibility of sharding in Dungeons and Raids (which is so very glaring) .

I’m sure people at the back of their head know this is an exploit but Blizzard gave them the tools to do this, but some might naively think this was intended. Since the tools were there the words Kaivax uses about punishment related to this seems potentially arbitrary.

These people need a ban.