Duelling tips

Any special tricks for dealing with fury, spriest and WW?

Yea reroll paladin


Gross. I just can’t get behind playing a paladin. It’s never felt fun to me.

Take flight into Monk, use it after sweep and blast them. Don’t use it when they have sweep up or you’ll come down and get stunned and die. Make them waste their mobility also before flying so they stay in range, so dash around 2 times make them roll at you then fly up. Glimpse the disarm off to do more damage.

Take flight, big incap, and glimpse into fury. track their stuns when you see it coming off cool down start making distance between you and them, they will try to stun you to stop you from dashing around and glimpse when you see the bolt flying. Big incap his heal, and fly his CDs.

SP, good luck, kill lvl 1 boars and leech for 1 MIL till you win.

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Very helpful! Especially the SPriest tip lol