Dude, buff bleeds. What are you doing?

Im playing adaptive swarm feral with blood talons AND draught of deep focus. Even when completely built around bleeds, they are still a pitiful. My gear is bad, but that doesn’t matter, I have 6 60s and everything else was far stronger by this point and that’s what I’m comparing to.

Talons 30% + Draught 40% + TF 15% + Swarm 26% = 111% increased damage
And even then it feels like its doing the amount of damage it should be doing baseline.
(Not to mention the massive disadvantage of having to have rip on only 1 target)

The fact you can waste your final talent and your legendary to play the class the way it should already work, and then its still mediocre at best, is just disgusting. Literally grossest thing I’ve encountered on any class, spec, or build.

Only valid option is to just be a discount rogue that waits for convoke. GJ Blizz.

P.S. Its not displaying my druid properly, probably because I just server changed. I’m 60 ilvl 174


You forgot to apply Mastery.

Because you’re stuck on instant gratification. You’re wanting all the damage front loaded, but that’s not how a DoT play style works.

Can’t look at the damage on a per tick basis. Have to look at the overall damage after its run it’s course.

According to who? Blizzard built the class the way they wanted it to work. I’m all for a more bleed oriented play style, but blizzard had other ideas.

You’re projecting expectations. And it makes me giggle. It’s like getting on a mountain bike and complaining it’s not performing like a motorcycle


I feel your pain, me and grizzle have been discussing this for a while.
End of the day bleeds are a terrible source of damage, but I somehow got 2100 as a necrolord feral, but it would of been a lot easier if I was Kyrian or convoke


@Grizz Convinced youre just going around over explaining common sense stuff and thinking a valid point is being made. No one is confused about the nature of dots. Damage over TIME is pretty indicative of the TIME component. No one is confused about WHO built the class - we know blizzard made it, and we don’t like it. Say something useful lol.

I didn’t include Mastery because its an anticipated increase opposed to a chosen one. Even with TF if you don’t care about your bleeds there are better times to use it than right before rip. Even if you were built for bite, we could anticipate you’ll still have a lot of mastery, but not talons or draught or swarm.

The current game team is extremely unfriendly to Feral
Outdated ideas are at the core, but they can’t make satisfying auxiliary capabilities.
Even the most basic professional expertise cannot be well designed

They are probably only satisfied with the garbage they designed
oh…Even a channel and platform for communicating with players is missing or unable to function normally

I think they probably can’t realize what stupid and boring rubbish gaming experience they are trying to create


This made me laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

Just hang in there. All Convenant choices aside, the difference between your gear now and at 197 (convenant gear max) is night and day. Later in this xpac or next, when your Mastery is very strong you can start to enjoy it more.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it. Blizzard will NEVER allow bleed feral to be a thing, because of PvP.

Even if it’s gated behind a specific build, even if it requires good play. Strong bleeds would dominate in PvP, because for most comps, they’d have no way to not die to the bleed stack once it was on someone.

Even if it was theoretically balanced, or even not very good. It would eat a nerf for the same reason convoke keeps eating nerfs, lower tier players would be very upset if they died to a bleed.

I remember a day when a feral could pop out of stealth, put all their bleeds on you, shadowmeld stealth away while spamming /lol and watch you die!



I think that’s what they’re trying to prevent.


I agree Feral should be based on bleeds again, but the major problem we had when we WERE bleed focused, was that we were constantly being nerfed in PvE because of our strength in PvE. Which is the same reason Affliction Warlocks are never at the top of either. Feral Bleeds are stronger in this expansion than they have been since WotLK. Be glad for that. They’re strong enough to be viable in PvE, without being too strong in PvP.

Sounds like what YOU want is a Sub Rogue. Go play one.

I don’t fully agree here, historically feral has had nice bleeds in PvP and PvE. UA makes warlock dots practically non-dispellable…You ever been crit for 10k and silenced at the same time? It’s a death sentence. Besides, certain racials, kyrians pots, and physical immunities can remove bleeds. Furthermore, bleeds tend to be melee induced only, which is more risky than pillar humping and spamming instant cast dots.

I support the option of choosing between viable bleed DPS and FB burst builds. This would allow more diversity and flexibility in the meta. Also it would make the class more enjoyable to experiment with.

you bring up a good point that makes me wonder… why they gutted the class so much, only to pad it with legendaries and talents…just to make it even out?


Happened in MoP, or just after. I know Bear/Kitty split, and they got their own identities. And in MoP or WoD, ability pruning was done to everyone. Been this way ever since

False, I’m 226 and my bleeds are still dog water


You can make your Rip just as strong as your Bite. How much stronger do they need to be?

We definitely need some help in M+

May I inquire as to where in m+ you’re thinking we need help? I haven’t played in awhile, but the dungeons I ran, I was only out DPS’d twice. Once by a Balance Druid 10 ilvls higher, and the other, by a WW monk 20 ilvls higher.

Not saying we don’t need help, I’m just curious as to what raises your concern?

Well, I’ve noticed two main problems in M+:

  1. we’re lacking in burst AoE
  2. we have very long cooldowns

Warriors, WW monks, Mages are all able to pump out much more consistent and high damage on trash pulls than I can. The only times I really shine on trash pulls is when Convoke is available, and/or when a LOT of mobs are pulled due to our uncapped AoE.

A more minor issue I have also in M+ is that my sustained single-target is a bit lack-luster as well. Granted, I could building for sustained single-target but I doubt that would do well in M+

What do you consider burst? A Bloodtalon Rip, Apex Leggo (as you have), and so many Bites going out everywhere. It’s not “instant” but I consider it okay burst. But I can concede this point. But the “overall” isn’t so bad, IMO, YMMV.

Yeah I don’t like Zerk being on a 3 minute cooldown. I understand it’s got great potential, but I don’t think it’s 3 minute worthy. I like the idea of cutting the duration in half, and giving it 2 charges, with 1.5min cooldown per charge.

But solid points :slight_smile:

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