Drunken Monks recruiting for M+

~Drunken Monks~ are recruiting all classes and specs in effort to expand our Mythic + player base.

We currently have a solid base of M+ players, but are aiming to average around ~25+ daily active M+ participants. A handful of us are rather proficient at the above +10 range and are more than ready to smash 15 and beyond. Need a few more steady people.

Players of other interest are welcome, but the Guilds main focus is pushing keys. We strongly encourage members to raid externally.

We operate on a very relaxed, stress free structure, with desire to maintain a mini Mythic+ utopia. Late evenings and early mornings are the current peak group times. Our members are great about in-guild grouping.

If You are a M+ pumper and are looking for a drama free, adult, 5man pushing guild just give any member a holler.


We need all classes and role for our M+ teams. Also if you’re not quite at the 10+ ilvl yet, many of us have alts we are gearing as well to help you get there!
Discord available.

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Yes yes! We really have an active base and hope to double/triple it!! People that want to push to the moon (yeah baby!), or those who want +10/i400 then grind up another alt. All are welcome!!!

If you are that person who’s afraid to join or start a group and suffers from group anxiety we’re probably your cure! We believe success can be achieved in all pursuits without elitism.

Real talk we have a handful of super talented PvP players too.

Come join the ranks of the “click” free, yes will gear your face off, ofc somebody wants to join that group, You break it You buy it, Drunken Monks!! Where chasing rank and “sucking the raid teams milker” isnt the format.

Funky monks!

Yes need more active m+ people leggo!!!

Drunken Monks took me from feeling like a noob to feeling like a lesser noob! Always willing to answer questions and help gear to get where you need to be. Come join us for some super awesome WoW play!

This is a great guild for people who want to level or do mythic +, or just drink and have fun. were all good people and are willing to help you out as much as we can.

Been looking for a M+ guild for a long time on Arthas…add me up on Discord and ill join you guys. I haven’t been active for a few months, but I’ve just renewed my sub.
Squatch#0188 (Discord) or Bnet (Squatch#11781)