Druids not being able to use the 10.2 legendary is a slap in the face

Many of us thought for sure the legendary would be either Druid exclusive or for everyone. Instead it’s a 2H strength axe which only Rets, Warriors, and DKs can use. None of which have any association with the theme of the patch. Imagine if instead of adding Nasz’uro in 10.1, Blizz decided to make Djaruun, a weapon Evokers can’t even use, into the legendary weapon in a patch centered around the Dracthyr.

Why can’t Blizz at least just let Druids equip axes and make the legendary also usable by agility users? I don’t get the logic around why Druids (and other polearm users) can use polearms like Awak’mani, which is literally just an axe in all but name, but not axes.


Imagine getting an entire patch themed around your class, a dozen new druid forms, and still being unhappy.


If Blizz randomly gave Hunters a legendary in Aberrus instead of Evokers, would you say “Imagine getting a new spec and still being unhappy”?


Might be due to the fact that the Bear spec tree is still fubar and looking at the new zone “Guardians of the Dream” “druid” a long with the gutting of druids from the start of DF S1. Now for the new wep yes you would think that with the name of patch 10.2 that druids would be getting a new wep but when you look at the name of the wep “Dream Render” that just rendering the hope and dreams of DF for the druid forever at the bottom of tanks for DF. Need to scrap the druid build team or get the warriors off of it.


That’s fine with me really. It means that we won’t be balanced around it, and won’t have to spend half the tier trying/praying to get it.


Imagine getting 20 forms in 20 years. How many tmogs (weapons + armor) have all other classes gotten in the same time?

1/10 trolling


I didnt see anything saying it was a strength axe. The post that I saw said that any class that could equip 2h axes could use it meaning hunters too.

This. I do not want to be tuned around the assumption that I have some low % drop weapon from the final boss of the tier.


What does annoy me a bit is that people don’t understand the reason for our discontent…

Be careful, the legendary is not something cosmetic or ornamental…
It is an object or precisely a “Special” weapon that is usually seen in characteristic patches of X expansions, also provides an improvement in the performance of Z class.

Having 20,000 animal shapes, 700 million colors, 40 new zones, etc. (can you see my sarcasm?)
It won’t make us druids feel good… because it doesn’t improve our performance at all, whatever it is for… Raid, M+, PvP, open world, etc…
It does not influence us at all, only visually…
Also, it doesn’t make sense as well many mention.
Imagine that in the raid where we fought against Sylvannas (last expansion), let’s say that defeating her didn’t drop or drop a legendary bow for hunters (obviously she uses a bow and all hunters expected a legendary from her) and let’s say that instead of a bow… I don’t know, I would have dropped a fist weapon… that would be very random and very repudiated because it is to put something in a very random and meaningless way.

So no, it doesn’t matter if they put a lot of visual improvements or xmogs, they are not influencing us at all…
But if you want us to be calmer, then make the new visual aspects of the “animal forms” provide X buffs, and with that the druids would be a bit calm (although of course, it would cause problems in the long term).

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What other 2h Agility axes are in the game?

Backdraft Cleaver

Primal Molten Greataxe

Is feral Druid the only DPS class that has never been given a legendary?

Big ball drop by blizz.

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Let’s see:
Thunderfury- Nope
Sulfuras- Nope
Atiesh- Nope
Warglaives- Nope
Thori’dal- Nope
Val’anyr - Nope
Shadowmourne- Nope
Teracgosa- Nope
Fangs of the Father- Nope
Sylvanas’s bow- Nope
Nasz’uro- Nope

Unless you count MoP cloak and WoD ring, which were universal, or the McLegendaries of the Legion era, Feral has never had access to a legendary. But according to some people here, we should be happy with getting some superfluous new customization skins instead. Blizz just refuses to make a legendary polearm


Maybe if they bring some fun shapeshifter transmog weapons again like Fandral’s Flamescythe, that would be fun. I don’t expect blizzard to ever make an Agi legendary staff.

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Survival hunter post-melee change and non-mistweaver monks* have also never gotten a spec-limited legendary when current.

*Technically brewmaster and windwalker monks can use both Windfury and Warglaives, but both of those came out before monks were an available class.

I dont mind not having leggo weapon what I mind is agains its a Strenght 2 hand weapon. Its its not leggo its a pruple one with effect like always. Wished it was a healer one for once

Im hoping their will be a non-legendary druid specific weapon or trinket somewhere in the raid or world.

Evokers had the staff tier one thay was a rare drop from broodwatcher but technically not a legendary, and we had class trinkets in wod; us getting a stat switching staff or trinket would be cool. And tbh after watching my evoker friend grind sark for the last 2 months and not get the weapon im actually okay with not being stuck on another rng grind.

It’s confirmed Strength.

There are already loads of new druid forms to collect.

Stop with this me, me, me, want, want, want.

Theres like 5 and none of them give any form of player power or a class boost. Deathknights, paladins and warriors get the fancy new player power, in the patch themed around 90% of the druid class lore.

Excuse people for being hopeful blizz would give us some meaningful class power and not just a form some of us will never use.