Druids aren't enjoying Hallow's End

OP posted a video from a private server claiming thats the way things were, when in fact, they weren’t.

This is true. Again, I wouldn’t see a problem with it but it does go against the whole #nochanges thing so there’s that(not having costumes break). My personal preference isn’t considered in the recreation, nor would yours be, or anyone else on this forum. And again, they do change things (Noggen not masking shapeshifting) they want to so, theres that.

We can be sure for you. This was a thing. But as Ravid said, that’s not what the OP is about

How is it a change? We’ve already established that druids kept costume buffs while shifting. In fact, some costumes actually overwrote the shift itself in the case of noggenfogger

You are the farthest thing from a member of the “no changes” movement bro

Okay, so you’ve conceded the above points are valid.

Okay so you’re arguing simply because I called you dense, not because you have valid points.

You know what you call someone that acts like that?


How can I say this again. You linked a video from a PRIVATE SERVER. You called me dense when I said “Pretty sure this is from a pserver”

Do you see how you lose all credibility when you lash out at someone whose pointing out a major flaw in whatever argument you’re trying to make?

You’re actually making my head hurt. That is obviously not a private server holy crap dude

You’ve already conceded so just stop. You’re just arguing because you’re mad now

Check out the 14:00 mark and tell me how that’s not a private server.

Patch 2.0 fixed it so Nogginfogger would break correctly. How is this druid using a Halloween costume (THAT’S ALREADY PATCHED TO BREAK ON SHAPESHIFTING), while SHAPESHIFTED?!?!?!

If its a true Vanilla video, the only thing that shouldn’t break on shapeshift, is… you can guess it…NOGGINFOGGER!!!

Stop referencing Private Servers, and stop linking them in the forums. It’s against ToS and you confuse the heck out of yourself.

Okay. I’m going to end this debate once and for all

Noggenfogger Elixir does not retain the skeleton model on a shapeshifted Druid


We’re done here.

Shut up already

If you have friends that can get wands, have them cast it on you after you shift, then stay in the form.

So you just changed your stance from allowing Halloween costumes to Nogginfogger? Talk about a flip flop once someone realizes they’re very wrong.

Still think that video isn’t from a Pserver? You didn’t respond to that.

A blue post just refuted literally everything you’ve said this entire thread about noggenfogger. It also proves the linked video is in fact valid and from vanilla, as it was fixed in 2.0, as you also stated

And everything else you said you agree with (keeping the buff after shifting out)

how about we talk about that.


That post doesn’t do any of that? Can you link a specific phrase or sentence that lets me know the video you linked isn’t from a Pserver.

Are you arguing for them to fix Nogginfogger or to allow costumes? You’re jumping around and very sporadic in your ideas.

Noggenfogger could be fixed (it did mask shapeshifts)

Halloween costumes, shouldn’t be changed (always broke)

Got him.

Blizzard confirmed this is a known issue. So as far as the video, it’s completely irrelevant with that blue post. It has been confirmed as a bug

But obviously the video is from vanilla

Well you two are just a cute couple lol

Here’s the quote from the post

“Noggenfogger Elixir does not retain the skeleton model on a shapeshifted Druid”

Why is it only fixing Noggenfogger? Why isn’t it fixing all the other costumes? Oh wait, because they’re suppose to break, like they always have…(Again, odd how that video doesn’t follow this.)

They would say something like
“Halloween Costumes do not retain the costume model on a shapeshifted Druid”

But, that’s not a bug, that would be a change.

So now, the only shred of defense you can latch on to is that the video linked is from a private server. Blizzard themselves directly confirmed the video as valid, whether it’s from a private server or not

So now your entire argument is no longer about the post, but about whether or not Mewmew Final is a private server video.

It’s irrelevant.

Sure man, it’s a private server video. I don’t want your brain to explode

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Stop lying. Blizzard did not confirm Mewmewfinals video is not a pserver video. It’s not authentic, it’s not to be referenced, stop living in a fantasy.

Noggenfogger should be changed, sure. Your post is about Hallows End, not Noggenfogger.

Yes, the video is completely irrelevant. I can find videos of people macro killing Baron thousands of times for a drop, but I’m not going to reference that for any changes.

Hey bro guess what

Blizzard says this private server video is accurate.


That’s not a private server video. You do know I’m talking about the video around the 5th post, and not something you’re reaching for?

Are you guys arguing for Noggenfogger or Hallows End stuff? You jump around more then a resto druid raid healing.

Wait now you’re saying Stormx’s videos aren’t from a private server?

Holy crap dude you are an idiot lmfao

No they don’t look like it. Mewmewfinals video, the video that OP claimed was the way things were and should be, is a private server.

Now now, I know you’re confused but no need to call people names. It’s hard for you to follow discussions huh? You’ll get it eventually!

I’m almost 100% certain that Druid shape shifting always broke the holiday costumes as I seem to recall it being a pretty big deal for the Druid community once that stopped being the case. I can’t remember when that happened, I want to say it was some time after WotLK, but I’m pretty sure prior to that it was just one of those sucky things the class had to deal with.

As far as the Noggenfogger thing, if it isn’t acting as it should be for the Vanilla time period then that needs to be fixed, whichever way is correct. However, how Noggenfogger functioned has no bearing on whether the holiday stuff should function the same way if it did breaking it ( and I’m like 99.9% sure it did ).

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This is the only thing that I could potentially get behind, since thats the way things were.

Still didn’t answer if you think the Mewmewfinal is a private server video. The video op referenced.