Druid FCs are about to become really popular

Isn’t APES the same guild that exploited bugs to gain world firsts?


1 week later its nerfed bc horde QQ


I’ve been searching the forum and the announcements, but I can’t find the AV nerf several people are talking about.

Where is this announcement?

Its blizzard. Exploit early, exploit often. You’ll keep the rewards and face no consequences.


Hey Rhez o/

Sorry to ask a noob question, what is a druid fc?

Flag carrier. In WSG the best class to carry the flag from your opponents base to your base is a Druid due to their speed boosts, ability to self heal, ability to tank, and ability to remove movement impairing effects.

Thank you. I was aware of their ability, has always been that way since vanilla. I was not aware of the acronym…

Which leads to my next question:
Why are people above insinuating that it is an exploit?

I am just glad that PVP will actually be a component of getting to R14, even if for some people its going to be a VERY small component given just how PVE they have been over the last couple months of cheesing it.

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Why does it always take a streamer?

Druid FCs have been bis since like ever.


Thanks so much Incandeza!

It’s weird that the thread had gotten pushed down so far, even though i had hundreds and hundreds of replies. I was going nuts trying to figure out what everyone was talking about.

again - thanks so much!

Who here was unaware that Resto Droods make great FC in WSG?

Is there some reason for all this breathless reporting of the obvious and already known?

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“Who here was unaware that Resto Droods make great FC in WSG?
Is there some reason for all this breathless reporting of the obvious and already known?”

Not sure why I bother to explain this, but there’s an artificial shortage of druids in a grinding meta which was based on AV, since druids are one of the worst AV classes.

The fact that the best Classic guild (APES) was caught flat-footed with not enough druid fcs shows the current need is greater than can be explained just by druids being strong.

There would be a lot more geared druid FCs than there are now if the WSG meta had been in effect the past couple of months. There’s now a huge shortage of them.

Clear enough for you?

I doubt anyone will want druid FC’s much
The few WSG’s that i ran, i thought i was doing good by getting the flag and dashing back to cap it, only to get screamed at for capping it.
Apparently i was supposed to know that i was to take the flag up on the roof, and sit there with it.

no thanks

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No, it’s not clear at all why you (or anyone) feel the need to work the meta this hard. It’s weird.

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Oh ok, you’re just a troll. Later.

I’m happy they did something, but I dont think it will have a huge impact on premades. It will just make it a little more annoying for them. AV is still going to be meta… unfortunately.

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Unfortunately I fear you’re right…

Thooooooo for me it does not really matter because I am polluting the points and breaking the back of WSG pre-mades… Not all of them but most of them…

Alliance druids exploiting scum.