Druid customizations/hunter pets

This honestly makes me so jealous. These classes keep getting tons of cool features while I think the other classes are kind of left in the dust.

What about-
Warlock demon variants
Mage pet varients
Shaman ghost wolf and elemental varient
Dk pet varient especially with SL change
Paladin mounts (I mean kinda not complaining about this cause the legion varient are amazing)
Priest shadow form

(more customizations for other classes would be amazing too but I can’t think of any necessary for warriors, rogues, Dhs, monks)


Let warlocks enslave demons into a grimoire!

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I want a red Observer so I can have my own cacodemon.

Enslaving demons in general would be a dream, but at least color varient! As you said red observer or something simple like a green felhound. Something to help with transmogs. I mean you are using the felhound/observer 90% of the time anyway

They do already have some Glyphs. We could always use more Glyphs, though.

Same deal.

Same deal.

What about them? Go into your collection and choose one? Confused on this point.

I absolutely want a glyph for old Shadowform.

This game definitely needs a ton of Glyphs like we used to have.

Hehe I like when people are jealous of my stuff because it makes me less jealous of other people

That came out wrong

Yes I know there are glyphs, but they are not very many and most are boring. Look at all the stuff druids and hunters are receiving, it’s amazing. Other classes deserve love as well

Uh… yeah. That’s kind of why I said we need more.

Same deal.

Hunter can now tame a worm, meanwhile shadow priests are just happy their class will be playable at all. Interesting times we live in.