Druid Class Changes

Now that we are not in Classic anymore and have moved to Classic + with the recent AV changes. The following changes should be made to address Druid faults the Devs did not intend and correct those errors. Their goal was to have druids do about 85% of the pure roles damage, healing, tanking. In damage (the easiest place to measure) druids are around 66% if they do everything perfectly.

  1. “On Hit” works in Forms.
    Crusader and weapons currently with “On hit” do not work in forms. Blizzard admitted this was an oversight that they corrected later.

  2. Power shifting is too powerful and was not intended. Feral Druid energy regenderation needs to be addressed or their pure damage increased. Omen of Clarity increase chance by 5% and LOTP adding 25 Energy to Cat form, and parry chance to bear form would correct the error.

  3. Balance druids - OOmkin damage increase and some help with mana recoverty. Not having to shift to cast Invigorate is a good start. The ability to drink potions in forms.

  4. Resto druid needs to have their rez both in and out of combat and about 3 sec increase on each HOT.

The goal would be to get each another 10-15% productivity without crosseding the 85% line that keeps Pures in their spot but makes taking a druid along not so crushingly painful.

Yeah yeah yeah… no changes… well that dream was killed by BLizzard.


:rofl: :joy:


That’s where you’re wrong kiddo…

another one rofl


Nah. I don’t want my class to be a complete face-roll.

-Signed a drood

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I seriously don’t understand how our world is able to function some days.


So you want absolute god mode in PVP and want to negate the point of bringing pure DPS classes OR to put the classes on the same horrible buff / nerf rollercoaster that is Modern wow.

Yeah, no thanks man.

You will need to wait for TBC Classic - which really was the most refined version of the Vanilla rule-set & class/game mechanics, before the game started sliding right into the dumpster.