Druid Appearances Moving Forward

I’m not great at starting topics, so I guess I’ll just spill out thoughts as I go. I’d prefer if only Druid mains talked in here simply for their insight, but if you have constructive criticism please don’t hesitate to comment.

I could hardly sleep after trying to think about how to lay out this topic, and I think I sort of got it.
Personally, for me Shadowlands was a little underwhelming in terms of questing and storyline and “renown” stuff. I personally really liked the Legion Artifact set up they had for appearances. I didn’t like that it was weapon specific, but they fixed that now with barbers and such.

I kind of want it back. Hear me out. Imagine for Druids (and other classes, but I only play Druid, so I won’t talk for other classes) in the renown of your covenant, you got access to new appearances relating to the covenant? We got Soulshape which is cool, but obtaining the appearances is a little more tasking and truthfully isn’t fun for me. Plus, it’s not something you can use everywhere, which I understand why.

For Kyrian’s though, you could have done Phalynx Cat Forms, and “robotic” Bear Forms, similar in armor style with the wyrm you got from buying Shadowlands Epic Edition, or Larions for Cat Forms, or even more Feathermane color options.
For Fae’s or whatever the Ardenweald people are called, you could have done something similar to Runestags or the Vulpines there. More blues/purples, with swirls and auras similar to how the Balance of Power Bear looks.
I don’t really have any ideas for Necrolords or the Revendreth covenant, but Shadowlands is ending anyway.

My point is that we could totally create new forms based off of what we’re getting for zones. I really miss actually having fun collecting appearances and such with Legion. Even now, I go back to collect forms I missed and it’s… fun. The forms look nice, and I strive to get them. Where did that go?

If what I heard was correct, if we’re getting a similar “covenant” style thing with the Dragonflights in… Dragonflight… making some basic style forms would be really cool depending on what flight you pick, or whatever would work.
That being said, Dragonflight is already in Alpha, and I don’t think they’d add anything like this so quickly. So, can we bring back actual fun systems and appearances in the expansion after Dragonflight?

That also being said, Mage Tower was a really special challenge, and the Bear form was completely new and cool. I want something like that. Not exactly Mage Tower skeleton, because that would… sort of ruin the aspect of Mage Tower, but just more models… more unique appearance forms for us Druids.
I LOVED what they did with the glyphs, I’m collecting all of them and they look good. More of those in the future would also be really cool.

Moving on…
Why haven’t we gotten stuff for Moonkins and Treants? Treants are sort of boring and I technically don’t even count them as a form since you only get it through 50 gold in Moonglade (I think), but more Moonkin appearances or options in the barber would be really nice to see as well. The only time Moonkin is able to be modified is for the Kul Tiran’s with their different colors. I would like to see some stupid stuff and glyphs for Moonkin appearances in the future.
I mean… imagine a chicken Moonkin…

I don’t know, this is a lot to ask for, and I’m sure all of this may just get washed out in other topics and forgotten about, but I hope Blizzard is at least thinking about giving Druids more appearances similar to Legion stuff in the future.

And… I mean for all Druids. I don’t really care about new Druid capability and how their forms will look if they come.

The sad part is that it really isn’t, we just haven’t gotten anything in terms of customization since the Mage Tower and it’s basically all we’ve ever had outside of maybe Firelands Cat. The Phalynx you mention are a good example because if you look at them, you can tell they use the same Feral cat skeleton and animations, so it would be a matter of just porting it over and adding in a way to unlock it for player use, but we still have yet to get a new form for ages while every other class gets lots of new customization every patch.

Blizzard I think just ignores Druid as much as they can at this point, have you seen the Dragonflight Alpha thread with 0 responses for Druid?


What I want to see for druid appearances is an evolution of the Hunter Pet system.

All Beasts in the game that are tamable are already flagged as

  • Tenacity
  • Ferocity
  • Cunning

Give Druids a Speak with Animals type cast that lets them learn the forms of the animals in the world. Tenacity learns Guardian forms, Ferocity learns Feral forms, Cunning learns travel forms. Because these are tamable animals they all already have lots of attack animations.

Boom. Now each Druid is made up of forms they traveled the world and learned for themselves, and Blizzard doesn’t really need to worry about “making new ones” because it’s part of the process for new hunter tamables every expansion anyway.


Expansion exclusive forms tied to covenants?

Since you can only pick one, some people might be salty that they wouldnt have been able to unlock them all.

I’m not against more customization ~ as long as it fits.

There’s nothing really covenant themed that I would want or work towards for my Druid though, not really a fan of the aesthetics of shadowlands for my character, but they were good aesthetics/ designs over all.

There are plenty of forms which I want for Druids just not SL related forms.


That sounds sick, this would make the old world have some purpose

Yeah, the only thing I really liked about Shadowlands was the Bastion creatures. I totally get a lot of people could be salty about collecting the others, it was mainly just an example of the system and how it could work.

We got updated cheetah and 2 moths, 2 bats, and a raven for flight form.

None of those being Spec forms, I would count those similar to customization to something like a Human form Worgen customization, it’s nice to have more options but it’s not what you’re seeing for a vast majority of content.

I like This I want Tauren moonkin updated bad something to customize them should even be a hard thing to do.

Personally I think it’s a travesty Moonkin and Treant forms never truely got the love they deserve.

Treant Form definitely could use a poly upgrade and if the glyph is unlocked (which I use strictly as Resto as a mandatory form :grin:), I’d love to be able to atleast change the colour scheme in the Barbershop to be more fitting to the race I am. There are so many colour variations which we could use!!.

Moonkin form needs variety aswell, I feel Guardian and Feral during Legion got so many visual options to customise those forms while Moonkin Form was left in the dust. :sob:.

I’d love to see more glyph or even barbershop options become available, seriously they need some love!.

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