Druid ability consolidation

I would love to play my druid because I enjoy the lore of the class, however I am always overwhelmed with the amount of abilities. Of all of my characters, it is the most complex for me to hotkey. Anyone have macros they can share? Macros that combine different abilities in different forms to help simplify my action bars. Thanks.

You can do things like:

/cast [stance:1] Ironfur
/cast [stance:2] Ferocious Bite
/cast [stance:0/4] Starsurge

or you can be more specific even and make a macro based on your affinity talent:

/cast [stance:1, talent:3/3] Ironfur
/cast [stance:2, talent:3/2] Ferocious Bite
/cast [stance:4,talent: 3/1] Starsurge

that’s kind of redundant I guess since you wouldn’t have the ability unless you had that talent (as resto)

you can also do it in one line:

/cast [stance:1] Mangle; [stance:0/4] Moonfire; [stance:2] Shred

Here’s some random macro that also includes fishing that I had on my F key for AoE or fishing:

/cast [equipped:Fishing Poles] Fishing
/cast [nostance:1/2,noequipped:Fishing Poles] Tranquility
/cast [stance:1/2,noequipped:Fishing Poles] Swipe


You can use stance or form I believe interchangeably in macros as an option. 0 is caster form then they go in order of your shapeshift bar (1 = bear, 2 = cat etc).


How does this macro work?

/cast [stance:0] Regrowth
/cast [stance:1] Shred
/cast [stance:2] Mangle

If I’m in caster form it will be Regrowth, switch to cat form and that button turns into Shred, switch to bear form and it becomes Mangle?

Quick bump to see if there are any more suggestions.

I like to use help/harm macros for healing.

For example “/cast [harm] Wrath; Regrowth” would use wrath if you’re targeting enemies or regrowth any other time.

I’m a little crazy and have probably a dozen macros that change abilities/tooltips based on my current spec, talents, forms, and targets.

I’d like to see some if you don’t mind sharing. I feel as though I’ve reached my keybinding limit and I’m trying to simplify as much as possible. Also, I’ve historically shapeshifted using the mouse scroll wheel. Recently I’ve changed mouse scroll wheel to be arena targeting and I’m looking for ideas on new shapeshifting keybinds.

I’m experiencing an issue with my convoke macro actually. I make sure I use the /use on use trinket in the sequence before /cast convoke and it works… the first time, but then if the fight lasts longer and convoke comes back up and I use it again, it just doesn’t even cast it and only casts the on use. Not sure why it’s doing that.

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Your action bar changes… there should be no reason to have stance macros

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Depends on the spec but, I’ve found making macros around berserk cuts down a lot - however, I still have an insane amount of keys for every form.

I don’t think it’s completely avoidable.

So, I have to preface this a little. Some of these are tailored to Balance, so they might not work with another spec. They can be tweaked a bit to work across all specs.

I do use Bartender4 for my action bars and turn bar paging off, so none of my bars will change when I shift forms. You can use these as an example and change them up to fit your needs.

That being said, for shifting, I like to combine my forms with abilities that can only be used in that form.

For example, I personally combine Bear Form with Growl and/or Frenzied Regeneration.

#showtooltip [noform:1] Bear Form; [form:1] Growl
/cast [noform:1] Bear Form; [form:1] Growl

#showtooltip Frenzied Regeneration
/cast [noform:1] Bear Form
/cast Frenzied Regeneration

Same thing with Moonkin Form.

#showtooltip Starfire
/cast [noform:4] Moonkin Form
/cast Starfire

Since I macro my forms to abilities, I use a /cancelform macro to shift back to regular human form.

Literally just:


This next one is a little in-depth. It’s a good example of a multi spec macro.

Keep in mind they read just like a book. They’ll use each conditional in the order it’s listed. This one is as follows.

For the tooltip:
If I’m Resto and my target is friendly,
OR if I’m any other spec with Resto Affinity and my target is friendly, It will show Rejuv.
Otherwise, if I’m Cat Form, it shows Ferocious Bite.
Otherwise, it shows Moonfire.

For the cast:
If the target is friendly, it casts Rejuv
If I’m Cat Form, it casts FB
If none of the above is true, it casts Moonfire

#showtooltip [spec:4, help] [spec:1/2/3, talent: 3/3, help] Rejuvenation; [form:2] Ferocious Bite; Moonfire
/cast [help] Rejuvenation; [form:2] Ferocious Bite; Moonfire

Another multi spec.

For the tooltip:
If Resto and target is friendly, Lifebloom
OR if Bear Form, Mangle
OR if Cat Form, Shred
OR if Balance or Resto, Sunfire
If none of the above is true, then Shred

The cast:
If target is friendly, Lifebloom
OR if Bear, Mangle
OR if Cat, Shred
If none of the above, Sunfire

#showtooltip [spec:4, help] Lifebloom; [form:1] Mangle; [form:2] Shred; [spec:1/4] Sunfire; Shred
/cast [help] Lifebloom; [form:1] Mangle; [form:2] Shred; Sunfire

Here’s one for Roots and Wild Growth. I don’t have Guardian spec in the tooltip, but you can add it pretty easy.

If Resto, OR Balance with Resto Aff, OR Feral with Resto Aff, then it shows WG
Otherwise it shows Roots

If target is friendly, WG
If not, Roots.

#showtooltip [spec:4] [spec:1, talent:3/3] [spec:2, talent:3/3] Wild Growth; Entangling Roots
/cast [help] Wild Growth; Entangling Roots

Hopefully you can use all those as a guide to make your own custom macros to kinda fit your needs and playstyle. Other than that, I use some QoL macros so I don’t have to drag buttons down when I swap talents.


/cast [talent:2/1] Tiger Dash
/cast [talent:2/2] Renewal
/cast [talent:2/3] Wild Charge

I just throw that on my hotkey and it’ll change to whatever talent I pick on that row.

I have to agree with this, what is using up all your bar space? I have a hard time with bar space with a handful of classes, but druid isn’t one of then due to the bar changing with the form.

Ya there are that many abilities. Even having certain abilities be how I change forms. like using rejuv to pop into normal form. PVP would add to it because of needing to add another one for changing to bear form which i mostly dont use for PVE.

NS + rebirth
#showtooltip Rebirth
/cast Nature’s Swiftness
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player] Rebirth

NS + Ironbark + Regrowth (instant heal and emergency buff tank)
#showtooltip Ironbark
/cast Nature’s Swiftness
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player] Regrowth
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player] Ironbark
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player] 14

I haven’t really needed NS outside those 2 generally so that takes off one.
you can combine CA and any 3 min cds, such as trinkets if they line up. berserking if your a troll, or other racial. CD’s dont trigger global so set them first for it to work correctly.

I use grid/clique to heal stuff and apply CC to focus targets via mouse over macros not to mention an mmo mouse to help keep stuff relatively simple.

The mouse gets stuff like interrupts, movement abilities, stealth The keyboard gets damage buttons

Other than this I have my ‘important’ CDs as shift keys ` through 4 and use z, x, c and v for different forms

This is a basic mouseover example
/cast [@mouseover, help, nodead] SPELLNAMEHERE

Other than this its stupid simple to keep everything together because healing doesn’t require many (if any) buttons at all this way (between shift, control, and alt as modifiers for clique)

There’s no golden bullet.

Set your binds up intelligently. The biggest suggestion is to set ALL 4 specs up at once. This way you can aim for as much consistency as possible.

You want to aim for every ability having the same bind in every spec and in every form. That takes a lot of thought and effort, you’re looking at a couple hours on the target dummies practicing rotations and making adjustments.

If you don’t do that, and then end up playing another spec than the one you planned on, you’re in for a world of hurt. You’ll have to change almost everything, or try and remember different binds for different specs/forms.

Some compromises have to be made with this approach, e.g core rotational abilities for each spec will replace those from others. But you should find you can set up almost everything to be consistent.

A mouse with extra buttons is a godsend to any good druid. Use modifier keys too, so you can double the amount of use you get out of easily accessible keys. E.g shift-1, ctrl-4, etc.

Unfortunately we have literally double the binds of most classes. But when used properly, the utility is pretty crazy.

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Double the keybinds with hybrid abilities that have half the use lol

And because of the GCD now on shapeshift,
Any abilities that auto put you in form need to be macroed or on your main bars so you aren’t waiting 3 seconds to use them
Every expansion seems worse and worse at least for Feral,
Please note, convoke is temporary and once it is gone Feral will be back to meme lvl

Disagree with people saying stance changing bars means you don’t benefit from stance macros. Many of us have keybinds on multiple bars and only one bar changes with stance. You can make multiple bars change with stances with addons, but that’s actually clunky and annoying since you may not want that with every button and stance macros let you do it with individual keybinds. I just leave the number keys on the bar that changes and do most of my other keybinding in Clique for mouseover stuff and on other bars for other things (though you could use Clique for everything and not bother with bars at all if you wanted to).

Just to add another, I made this macro so my bear shifting key is also my interrupt key while in bear form:

/cast [nostance:1] Bear Form
/cast [stance:1] Skull Bash