Drops from Rares in the Dragon Isles

Why are so many people calling out Asmon, he’s only 335 ilvl according to armory, that’s barely over Heroic…

show me people getting higher than 382 gear from this farmable mob.

pretty obvious know? he’s by far the #1 wow related streamer and was basically broadcasting this clear exploit to the masses.

Gonna do anything about all the exploited gear and rep that those people clearly knew they were exploiting to get? Guess not since many of them are big time streamers and cant do anything to them.

I remember when people exploiting in MMOs got a temp ban at minimum as well as all illicit gains removed. To bad Blizzard probably wont do right by the rest of their customer base, will they?

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The only ones who care about this stuff are salty players anyway. Everyone else just continues to play the game at their own pace exploring the maps and etc such as myself.

They wish it was them with the items. Lowkey envy.

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I mean envy is probably a big part of it, but I haven’t seen anyone with crazy high ilvl gear from these mobs so I’m confused why so many people are upset.

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I’m not sure how anyone has issues understanding why people are frustrated that a clear exploit presented itself, people intentionally participated in the exploit to gain an advantage in this game and once it was fixed nobody was punished and the people got to keep their loot.

What’s to get?

It encourages the mantra which has been passed around for expansions now which is exploit early, exploit often and that’s a horrible thing to normalise.


This is false. People are saying it was a severe exploit that basically allowed you to bypass the normal gearing process and are upset that such people aren’t being held accountable for it. I don’t care if I didn’t notice the exploit myself. I do care however that people who did have raid quality gear without even stepping into a heroic dungeon…


If it’s as drastic as people are crying about, it’ll get reverted/rolled back.

I mean you’re taking an awfully large assumption here considering when they do reverts/rerolls they state in the initial post which they have not done here.

So you’re pretending to not understand why people are frustrated when you’re purposely spreading a false narrative that Blizzard will look after it? They won’t and the people will keep their loot. Maybe you’re on the wrong team here?


Again, I have yet to see anyone with any kinda high ilvl gear. So I don’t think it was as widespread as people are complaining about.

Props to those like 10 people that found the bug early, I guess.

The top 30 streamers were sitting in raid groups of 40 for hours this morning farming it with basically every single group in LFG was specifically for this one exploit.

You’re jumping from point to point so fast it’s hard to keep up with you mate.


They should be stripped of their gear and forced to figure out how to buy basic greens to get into normals.


Yeah the salty players. I stand corrected. You’d be surprised majority of players don’t really care and rather focus on dragon riding fun or profession grinds. A lot to do in this expansion than focus on item levels grind. What happened today is content amusement and we know how Blizzard does things anyway. It’s really not news at all and the usual same salty players complaining about this concept.

And as I said, if it’s as big of a problem as people are making it out to be, they’ll step in.

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These complainers keep forgetting Blizzard does hotfix it in the end anyway. It’s nothing new, but they just wanna keep the drama going. It’s really a waste of time.

Pointing out people bypassing the entire gear system = you just salty and I’m right lalala?
How old are you, 12?


I mean you guys are the ones pretending like you can’t understand why people are frustrated when it’s pretty simple. I didn’t even participate in the exploit but I’m not four so I’m able to see how bypassing normal gearing systems without a slap on a wrist might annoy some people who didn’t want to play against the rules.


Sure sounds like a “but i didn’t get it” argument. In the end how bad will it affect most people?

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Then I must be a very mature 12 year old not being bothered by something silly as this. If you’re an adult being bothered by this. Then who is really the 12 year old in this scenario mentally?