Drops from Rares in the Dragon Isles

just remember guys exploit early exploit often.


and he knew it was an exploit and took advantage of it… to me that should be a ban.


This explains why there were so many comments earlier about no one getting that egg mount drop from Zenet Avis.

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Have the drops been turned back on yet?

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So what are you doing about the hundreds of people that are now running around in 410+ gear because they exploited this bug? This kind of power on day 2 of the expansion when most folks are just barely getting out of their quest greens in the 300 ilvl range is going to destroy even the semblance of any balance.


I’ve looked for 2 rares I had killed earlier (my friend wants to kill them) and we can’t find them even after waiting around. Are rares also not respawning currently? The ones that were already up wouldn’t disappear but the ones since killed don’t seem to be respawning? If that’s something someone else wants to test that might be the answer as to whether drops are on again or not.

Didn’t exploit as I wasn’t home but this basically is just allowing people to skip m0’s, the gear will be smashed the second m+ is released.

Who cares if we get loot? Turn loot on and fix it once you have a fix it, now you’re just punishing people who didn’t exploit it. Brain dead move, If you’re going to turn loot off you have to remove it form people who used it, otherwise just leave it on.


Uh no it’s not. M0 caps out at like 380+. This is raid lvl gear.

Still falls on Blizzard then. They can kiss up all they like, but it falls down on their action of being lazy not doing their jobs to check these bugs during beta. I’m not giving Blizzard developers an excuse on something they need to do themselves during testing phase. If players ends up getting loot on live let them keep it as bonus and a reminder to blizzard developers finish the job during beta instead of banning players because they refuse to do a completion cleaning bugs in the system.

There’s no exploit if Blizzard didn’t bother fixing it up during beta. No player should get ban for that. This is entirely Blizzard fault and remember how long was the beta phases or even alpha? This isn’t their first rodeo so Blizzard gets no excuse. If anyone needs to get banned is Blizzard themselves which won’t happen because it’s their job to clean the bugs in the system.

I hope they didn’t delete the items and let the players keep it. Them keeping the items should remind them on the next expansion or patch to fix things up before release. They need to quit being lazy and do 100% completion before releasing it live to the public. If players have to find these errors during live and not beta. It’s Blizzard fault once again.

There was never any balance, this is WoW!
Also, once M+ / Rated PVP opens none of these item levels will matter, so inflated gear levels before any rating-worthy activities begin doesn’t mean much.
Is it fair to the general public? No, but devs don’t care about that.

What are you talking about? 411 is M+15 ilvl…

Thanks …Asmongold lol :rofl:

Yes, just a few minutes ago. The rares and their drops should be now working as expected.


Fun detected fun nerfed

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so going to remove the gear from these players? or ban them for a month so they miss the raid / mythic+? or do they get no punishments? I need to gear up to even do heroics now and these exploiters have gear better than heroics in 1-100th the time? ;(
All the gear was BoE too so some players are going to have dozens of these they can AH for millions of gold. ;/


Wow funny people were running around in normal raid ilevel day two. I think this was a conspiracy to help boost world first guilds to speed up the world first race by not having to do normal.

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Oh, so this is why I had a corpse run for nothing. Thanks.

Bit early to be talking about next patch isn’t it? Less than a week in and raid still isn’t released. You still have ~6 months left of this patch to go.

Thank god this was properly beta tested and the reports people made were noted.