Drops from Rares in the Dragon Isles

killing what

You got yo be kidding 412il dragon? Eek!

Kaivax. Perhaps it’s related to cross realm functioning, just an idea, since players hop around a lot on realms to get one that has the rare up.

Can get a single 389 ring via purchase.

I hope this doesn’t impact Mount Drop from breezebiter…It’s better this approach with low % but multiple attempts in a single character per day…instead of a daily lockout.

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Reminder that people got 7 day bans and their loot removed for exploiting that World Boss, Ivus, in BFA that was dropping gear not even as good as what people were getting from this.


Of course they aren’t. Other than one gross incident, I don’t think they have ever punished, let alone recovered the loot, from a player using and exploit.

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Par for the course, they look only at internal metrics during beta. I remember when I was in the wrath beta and everyone was saying “ret paladins are way OP” and the response was “it’s just the damage meters aren’t working right, it looks OK to us.”

Fast forward to the night the pre-patch was release, as ret pallies in crap green gear were owning everyone in PvP and out DPSing the entire rest of the group in raids. And then blizz’s “OMG, ret pallies are so OP, how could we have known” forum post and hotfix.

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I hope Kaivax comes back and lets us know when the drops are enabled again.

I remember :slight_smile: To this day these devs still make the same rookie mistakes before it goes lives.

They are not gonna do anything lmao, Blizzards recent track history is that they do not in fact punish exploiters. I’m enjoying all my new gear I got while the iron was hot.

It’s funny because when WOD dropped and I spammed the pvp collesium(sp?) for my Lord of War title, they took back everyone’s Conq and whatever else I got from winning that event, including the banner toy that was inside xD

Also let us know when we’re out of early access. :wink:

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asmo is a greater tester. Pretty sure tons of groups have been abusing this its good that he made it public.

Not fair to everyone else to remove this. I would expect some kind of compensation

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People have been banned and rolled back for less. But that streamer privilege when hes like 90% of the twitch views on your game, gotta let him get away with it.


so your making it pointless to want to kill rares?..


Unlikely. :dracthyr_a1:

So when can we kill rares again

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They removed the loot from the players in BfA that got a BfA quality item from their Legion M+ cache. Those items also wouldn’t have mattered by next patch. Blizzard has the precedence to remove items gained through an unintended game interaction.