Dreamseed Farm

You should be more than 5 - just doing all the campaign and quests will get you over 8 renown.

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I’m not far from Renown 8 at the moment, which is actually pretty good for me. I’m not hitting up many, if any of the WQs aside from Dragonriding though.

At this point I’m convinced they do this on purpose because it happens literally every time. I was in on some of the seed farm but it ended up being super boring. I’m at renown 9.5 now so at least I got a little out of it. It’s awful though, they should have either left it alone or made it 5 rep from the beginning.

It wasn’t a “exploit” blue seeds gave 250 rep, and epic seeds were giving 500 rep. And for awhile there was no cap on how many times you get get this reward.

After the hotfix, and after you have planted 4 seeds, the rep rewards is lowered to 5 rep.

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Doing everything on a single normal character this week gets you to around renown 10.

However, at renown 10 you unlock a bonus for your other characters that increases the rep they get by 100% until they hit renown 10 themsevles.

This means you can get an alt to renown 10, then go to your main and start the campaign getting 100% bonus rep (Plus DMF boost + Human boost if human) until you get to almost renown 10, then use the big 2500 rep token, doubled into 5000 for an extra free level.

After using everything that gets you to around 18 if you do it all correctly. There were some bugs you could abuse to get further but 18 was and still is very possible through legitimate means.

It’s the first 5 not 4 just FYI

Yeah I need to finish campaign, got off track with wqs and seeds

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There’s a weakaura that tracks everything that can give rep in the zone and tells you what you’re missing / haven’t done yet.


Debates about people optimising the fun out of things aside, if you want to know if you missed anything that’s the best way to check.

Essentially what their doing is their exploiting a bug with the chest that allows them to open it an infinite number of times to keep rolling for the rep tokens. Supposedly this one hasn’t been patched yet so I won’t detail how to do it here as ANY exploits should never be abused.

Initially it seems like it was blizzard attached too much rep and felt like without their stupid treadmill the zone would collapse. Thus is why they hotfixed it the way they did over leaving it be. So now people are using the infinite chest exploit to grind out to 20 again.

Side note edit: Truth be told there is literally little to no reason why you should push for the infinite augment rune. The normal ones will still work and unless you are a HoF raider, you simply don’t need it as the cost edge it provides won’t match the effort put in TBH. All it seems like is people have gotten their panties in a bunch because they feel wronged that they can’t do the same thing to get the same results now. When in the end it doesn’t really matter, and you shouldn’t be spending runes in early prog as well unless your close to killing the boss.

People simply need to learn how to take a chill pill about all this nonsense honestly, and understand that it doesn’t affect anyone as much as they seem to think it does.

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you mean the ones that cost over 1k a pop unless you’re willing to do stupidly trivial “content” to farm them at a mere 1-2 each per run yourself?

they may as well not exist

you’re not wrong :slight_smile: but the expectation is we have the rune

Exploit Early, Exploit Often.

They obviously exploited, and every one of them should be perma-banned.

But they won’t be, because that’s what this community is now.

I mean I think tying the rune, or any of the infinite runes for that matter to a rep is a stupid thing to do to begin with. Yet this is blizzard and they constantly do things like this because they fear without employing as many treadmills as they possibly can the game will collapse.

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I’m in the same position, slowly trudging on…

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imagine your life revolves around rushing through everything to be 1st on the forums in 2 weeks complaining they beat a 6 month patch and there is nothing to do

Not many given that the Dream Wardens renown only goes to 20 :slight_smile:

(I’m an alt-heavy player so I’m not even doing all the “easy” min/maxing - I’ll get there when I get there)

there was an exploit to get rep faster than they should have. blizzard will also not rest the the renown of those that did the exploit because it’s not game breaking

Even though its technically going against tos and they should have their renown reset they won’t.

I didn’t do anything special and hit renoun 8. Getting to renoun five seems a bit low and you may have missed quests.

I’ve made it to renown 8 with about 1800/2500.

Did all quests, super bloom, probably 30ish seeds, all world quests(with contract) and the PvP world quest.

you have absolutely zero clue what youre talking about and typing paragraphs while wrong is crazy