Now that Jeff Kaplan has finally departed from Activision, you think he’ll end up in dream haven with a few other of The old legit blizzards devs that currently work there?. And if he does are you going to be hyped up for a new game?, to see so many passionate devs coming from the same gaming company to hopefully continue making games for the same reasons they started? BECAUSE THEY LOVE VIDEO GAMES AND ACTUALLY WANT THEM TO BE FUN! :hushed:


I think he might.

Many people have said that the only “wow killer” would be if blizzard did it themselves. Since they’re the original blizzard, maybe they know exactly how to do it

(Not that I want that)

But I don’t think activision can carry games like wow - maybe overwatch…but we have nobody left. Makes you wonder if we’re really mad at the right people when we complain about this game


What if Dreamhaven bought the rights to WoW and took it back over? with the original WoW devs?


Worst part is it will be a long time before we get to play anything


You know, I’m not even sure if players now wouldn’t still constantly be unhappy with everything.

I feel like a lot of the complaints come from nostalgia for the good old times that lead to rose tinted glasses with which people view the first couple expansions they played in.

I mean, when many people who still play now started, they were young, had way more time, the game was fresh, since they were young they were probably more excitable, etc.

Sure, there are actual problems with the game now, but maybe when people were young they just enjoyed what was there with their friends instead of almost trying to find developer mistakes and flaws in every tiny part of the game.

People like to blame blizz or activision but in addition to doing that, maybe they should reflect on when they stopped focusing on the positives and prioritizing the positive things and started looking for mistakes and gaps in the fun.


I doubt they have any interest in making an mmorpg so I don’t think it is really relevant.


I’m really tired of these lines…

Blizzard’s games are made by more than one person. There are hundreds of developers working on these projects, all of them putting in a ton of effort making the games you love. Even back in the day before the existence of Activision-Blizzard all Blizzard’s games were developed by huge teams, most of whom you likely never knew or paid attention to unless you read the credits and memorized some of the names.

Saying that Blizzard is dead or that ‘you have nobody’ is not only false, it’s also disrespectful to the hundreds of other employees that were not Jeff and the other visible names that worked at the company. They’re all still there, busting their guts to make games for you. Show some respect for them if nothing else.


There is still Warlords of Azeroth: Worst of Both Worlds to be made afterall.


I’ll be hyped when we see something come out of Dreamhaven.

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Keep in mind Dreamhaven is the Activision-Blizzard in that situation – in other words, DH is the holding company and not the studio(s) that will actually produce the game titles. I know everyone here loves to confuse Blizzard Entertainment with Activision-Blizzard, so we’ll see in 10 yrs or so if you’re all blaming Dreamhaven for the quality of games its subsidiary studios are making.


Blizzard is dead lol it’s activision now. Activision is literal a parasite.


And there’s also this.

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Ok Karehagen.


Doubt it. If you think Dreamhaven will be able to develop a MMO in two years that’s madness.
Also it’s honestly a huge investment for such little gain considered MMOs are not a trending genre.
If anything I expect Dreamhaven to develop typical mobile games or genre where they can get the most money because money > everything.
Blizzard needs new and competent people and Dreamhaven… well honestly I think they need to develop a game where they can print the most money for their other projects kinda like WoW does to Blizzard or Candycrush to Activision or GTA Online to Rockstar.

Haha yeah I never stated that, I’m sure it’ll take a decade or more.

Dreamhaven has no products currently. I cannot get hyped for a company with no products. Besides, it has Mike Morhaime. He (along with other execs) literally sold Blizzard (Called Silicon and Synapse back then) in 1994 for investment capital. It is his fault that Blizzard is part of Activision today.


Meh. The fantasy narrative of ‘old dev team gets the band back together to slay the previous Frankenstein creation’ is exactly that imho.

Because it’s happened how many times before? Granted hope does spring eternal and all that, but names and intentions don’t exactly hype me up. Quite aware how some might be…I guess…maybe?


If you were to visit the archive dot org spots for the old pre-cata WoW forums, you’ll see a lot of QQing and complaints that the game is broken and bad. It dates all the way back to 'nilla. And people haven’t changed.


This is so true. Wildstar is going to be amazing!!

Oh… wait…