Dream Surges Still Broken

Of course they’ll ignore it. Why would they put resources toward fixing something that’s going to be obsolete in the next patch and nobody’s going to go back to it anyway? It’s not like it’s a raid or something that’s considered “progression”….

Dear diary. It I have logged into another server. It is 4:30 eastern and the large portal has spawned. Large crowd present burning it down … and … done 4 min later before I had finished typing this post (I was distracted a couple of times by mobs chewing my face)

(edit: small portal was not present on this server at the site I suggested above, but spotted one from the air while doing the dragonriding WQ by the azure archive. Checked it out, found it active but unfinished. Completed it with another player who arrived midway through the final elite)

( hopes for confirmation that portals on the servers other people in this thread are on are appearing )


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Should ask Devvy when he’s live streaming lol, seems you don’t know much about him

Sure they do, but only during the mandated month for it.

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What is broken? I have yet to see a bug or anything so I honestly have no idea what y’all are referring to.

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The large event portal that spawns every half hour isn’t spawning.

The smaller portals sometimes spawn, but are hard to find and I have yet to come across one I could click on to actually do the mini event.

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The flamegates, portals whatever were not spawning after the event started on many realms. Seems to be fixed now though on some realms. Just did a couple on a few of the realms I play on.

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Ah. I have noticed sometimes they take a few extra minutes to spawn, but i have yet to see an event not pop. Thats pretty interesting.

Ive seen those around. Honestly thought those were purely for zone cosmetics to fit the theme of the dreamsurges. Had no clue they actually had a purpose… :neutral_face:

Finally seems fixed :upside_down_face:

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A small group of us on my server waited there for 30 minutes on Tuesday to see if it was just going to be late, but it never showed up, nor did the new one that was supposed to arrive. It was fixed on my server on Thursday, however.

Yes it seems to be fixed now

Soon can also mean never.

Since this was bumped.

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I’ve been having 0 confidence in them fixing bugs lately, I’m still waiting for Secrets of Azeroth day 12 quest to pop up.

Area 52 Brewfeat has been buggy too, haven’t checked to see if that’s been fixed.

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They were working fine yesterday on Zul’jin but oddly seemed like nothing or less items were dropping.