<Dread> Skyfury - Top 5 Alliance Speed clearing Guild LFM

Top 5 Alliance Speed clearing guild on server (Naxx 25 in 1:14, 3D OS on farm) recruiting for our Weekday & Weekend raids! Looking for all high performing players! Wed/Thurs 7:30-10:30pm server, Sat/Mon same time. PST for more info!

If you are a pumper and want to be in a solid guild going into Ulduar, use your free character transfer and come on over and join us!

My Character names:


B-tag: Jaylock#1426

Our 1:14 Naxx 25 Log:

All exceptional players welcome to join! Both raids are high performing. All we ask of anyone joining our guild is to BE PREPARED, which means, have your gear enchanted / gemmed, bring flasks and potions of speed / wild magic pots, food appropriate for your class (usually fish feasts are provided by guild), know your class and constantly be working to improve your DPS or your tanking or healing ability.

Know the boss fights, and or research them, especially going into Ulduar. If you can agree to this guild “mantra” we would love to invite you!