Draught of Ten Lands

(Awkaran) #1

Doesn’t currently show the duration when consumed.

Changeit. /clap

(Mccrowley) #2

So… Blizzard? How has this not gotten greater traction? It’s super annoying to log back in, see the buff, and have no clue how much longer is on it.

(Awkaran) #3

Has this changed? Anyone notice?

Edit Apparently not lol

(Mccrowley) #4

Nope. This is seemingly one of those weird things that Blizzard isn’t hearing yet.

(Awkaran) #5

How can Blizzard hear anything when they refuse to communicate or receive feedback?

So disheartening that something so small and simple cannot be hot fixed. It would improve many people’s gaming experience.

(Mccrowley) #6

I’m going to start bumping this topic up until it starts getting some traction. This is one of those bugs (or is it a “feature”) that is small but mighty. It’s incredibly irritating.

(Mccrowley) #7

Someday someone at Blizzard will read this and fix the problem.

(Mccrowley) #8

Blizzard can we get a comment on this? Are we not supposed to see the time remaining on the Draught of Ten Lands?


Servers are live and now people are stacking them and leveling in less then an hour


Bump. Please show the duration on this potion.


still doesn’t show squat!