Drama? Nuthin? Classic?

Someone please breathe life into these forums. Lothar realm forums were once more entertaining than the entirety of reddit, combined. Can someone repost Mountain of Drama(i think this is what it was called), some Anklebyter/Webster ramblings, maybe some Eternal Soldiers and Cursedbones drama? Didn’t he try to get with a Troll shaman named Diya or something? Some Nevred and Siobahn repost? A screenshot of Feji on his Ivory Raptor with Thunderfury, outside of Org bank?

Check your hard drives for something please! There are 3 posts(4 with this) on the Lothar forums and my balls pulled up into my stomach. Gotta be a screenshot of Joser losing to Storica in world pvp floating around here somewhere. I’m sure Uzziel has plenty of garbage to dump on the forums. F**k, I miss Classic.

Hello there. Are there no more lothar realm discussions? I’m from Lothar and have been here for nearly 10 years. I never moved to a different realm, and was both horde and alliance, I’ve been alliance for nearly 3 years, I was horde for 2 years, and alliance for 5 years before that. I miss batley and lostalot.

Our Grand Marshall Required at least 3 healers.


Presented in its original form, The Mountain of Attention. I did not write this, nor do I necessarily endorse anything within, but it is a part of forum history from Vanilla WoW and I saved it just in case of these wipes.


Another one of my favorite things that came from Lothar, from our old friend Fjoofdeath/Lunaprima

I forgot to come back and check this. Nice work, I’ve saved this now. Obviously these forums are done. Wondering if there are any revival or gatherings planned for Classic’s relaunch? Lothar was never one of the “famous” servers, but had so much character in its own right. Would be amazing if some of the original mainstays regrouped for another go at it

Ahhhh my lovely Mountain of Attention. I thought I had lost you forever. Thank you Zerzhul for the resurrection.


Oh man, the Mountain of Attention. Still gold to this day.

Hi Uzziel, I love you and I miss you.

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