Dragonriding mounts become almost entirely invisible with Thrill buff active

Same problem here. 1st thing I noticed when logging in. Looks so wierd

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I’ve narrowed down the issue to using Multisample Techniques for antialiasing at any setting between 2x and 8x. Swapping to image-based for the time being is an okay workaround but we of course are losing visual fidelity.


i was just about to say that


I reported this several times on the PTR. Clearly they are reading these reports :roll_eyes:


I can confirm that turning off Multisample Techniques removes the translucent effect on the drakes when flying fast.

We’re working on a fix for this and expect it to go out tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you notice missing textures, disabling MSAA should help.


Thanks for the quick response, especially so late in the day!

Look into the Algarian mount turning Gray while xmog’d to Red while at it - if related.
Turns gray off and on while gliding.

Thanks for the update. I was wondering why my Highland Drake and Renewed Proto-Drake were fading in and out of existence.

I would like to add it’s not just the thrill of the skies, combustion and icy veins does the same thing.

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I thought I was going nuts. lol

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This worked, thanks!

Excellent. Thanks so much! I thought it was a new patch feature, so I was going nuts trying to find the option, lol. Glad it’s just a graphics glitch. I’ll leave MSAA on since the fix is inbound!

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I thought this was just a neat perk of the Faerie Dragon mount lmao.

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That mount’s first PTR build incarnation was funny…because the model was completely invisible. Put Invincible to shame.

I actually like this “glitch” though, thought it was an accessibility option that was opted in by default with the patch. Can I have a toggle or something so those of us who like this can keep it?

you can also disable the speed effects for dynamic flight to prevent the dragonraiding mount transparent issue, it worked for me, without having to modify any graphic setting

Thank you for this. I was wondering what the heck was going on when I logged on to poke around the new zone this morning.

Not just mounts, my Character was completely transparent last night playing. She would only be one visible once on a mount and the. Eventually the mount would become transparent. I thought it was just a cool effect of being in the dream world. It was pretty awesome looking though.

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Having the same problem as well, but also interestingly enough, Azure Strike and Fire Breath for the Dracthyr ALSO cause the model to vanish, setting to image based AA fixed it.