Dragonflight Zone Preview: The Waking Shores

Dragonflight Zone Preview: The Waking Shores

Explore the Waking Shores, a wild land teeming with elemental magic.

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Yes, but can we walk on water in here too!? That was a highlight of ZM. Let’s not disappoint now!


Oh myyy, I hope there’s a flight course weaving through these…butes? This looks wicked.


Keep bring it on to encourage me .


The zones and new creatures look so amazing. The waterfalls and trees are beautiful.

I can’t wait! :grinning:

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A little Nagrand, a little Thousand Needles, and a few hints of other iconic places. Solid design. Looks like it will be a blast to fly around.


Yes, your art team is very good. Too bad after the first run through of the campaign… it doesn’t matter nearly as much as, you know, everything else. But keep the nice mogs coming.

So the zone is called “Waking Shores” because things are waking up now after ten thousand years. Was it “Sleeping Shores” before that? Is it going to be “Awoken Shores” once everything wakes up? What about before everything went to sleep? Just some questions I have. Place looks good though.

I am loving the design of the new zones.

It’s pronounced “butts” :+1:.

Frog dragon, frog dragon, frog dragon!