Dragonflight Zone Preview: Thaldraszus

Dragonflight Zone Preview: Thaldraszus

Journey to Thaldraszus, an ancient region once the seat of power for the Aspects.

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Okay! Let’s go!

All zones have been at least 8/10s so far, but this one is my favorite.
Love the Titan stuff going on. And the sand / hour glass castle w/e it is, looks amazing.


This zone is gorgeous. Also whoever made that preview video, thanks for that top-tier ASMR!


It looks so pretty!

Very excited to explore the Dragon Isles!

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All these zones look absolutely amazing. The Dragon Isles finally makes the world feel ‘lived in’ again. I love it!

Also, those aqueducts are just fantastic.

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I want that hammer.

The Mantis Men are outright called Mantis this time instead of Mantid?!

This is reminding me of how Shing Jea Island called it’s Mantis Men by the term Mantid only for Echovald Forest to start calling them Mantis.

Unfortunate how Dragon Isles has no Stone Forest… Ah! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves as there is apparently an Underground Zone later coming up in later Patches that we have yet to discover! Maybe that has a Stone Forest where the Mantis reign supreme…

If so then when is WoW wheeling out the Jade Sea and Kaineng City because if the Mantid replaced with Mantis thing isn’t a coincidence than ArenaNet has been grabbing WoW’s scrapped Burning Crusade Plotline for the Pandaren Empire they are reusing at random intervals so where is the plotted appearance of the Jade Sea and Kaineng City?!

Cool, now give druids treant form barber shop options.

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Ok who broke that vault and are there going to be questlines there I sure hope so…such magnificents…love it