Dragonflight Zone Preview: Ohn'ahran Plains

Dragonflight Zone Preview: Ohn'ahran Plains

Explore the Ohn'ahran Plains, a verdant region filled with sweeping plateaus, mesas, groves, and valleys abundant with life.

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Can we get barber shop options for Treant form?

Also can we change adaptive swarm to insect swarm but keep it mechanically the same? Just maybe with nature damage instead?

Also can we get a resto version of force in nature added into the resto talent tree, I want three treants casting healing touch.

Also consider adding this talent to the resto druid talent tree:

Living Seed
10% of your overhealing received or done plants a Living Seed on the target for up to 10% of the caster’s health. The Living Seed will bloom when the target is next attacked. Lasts 15 sec.

(This is a merger and blending of the old Wrath of the Lich King talent and the Nightfae conduit Empowered Chrysalis. It addresses some of the issues resto druids have with over healing. Often times when a Druid has a hot on a target the health bar will get topped off by another healer, resulting in the hot over healing as its ticking on a fully healed target. Since Dragonflight is going back to a more classic state of mind and wrath classic also coming out soon, it would be nice to see some of these older talents and abilities people liked being given a new purpose or a breath of new life.)

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I can’t wait to get chest deep in that pond and whisper sweet nothings at the passing players.


The sounds coming from creatures that aren’t aggroing or something is a nice touch. I always appreciate elements that add to ambiance.

I’m one of those people that play with the music down and the ambient sound all the way up.


Looks great, I like to quest in beautiful zones. Give me bright and cheery over dark and dreary anyday thinks fondly of nagrand.


Looking forward to a lot of new content and changes and things to see and do.

Nice to see more Gorlocks and Centaurs! I’ve always wanted a Centaur race, and their lore has always interested me in WOW! Here’s hoping the Ohn’ahran Plains delivers much for both species! I wouldn’t mind doing some dailies here and there for them, learning more about them, though I sense, endgame will be more centered about those final zones and whatever the threat is this expansion… Oddly enough I still don’t know who we’re facing this time around!

That’s a pretty skybox.

A see a lot of mountains for “plains”.

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Jade Forest lite

Yeah, same. They clearly have that one “open” section that looks nice, but if that’s how they’re going to describe the zone, honestly, stick to it. Don’t make a “plains section” of the zone and then a bunch of mountains to ruin it.

It is so beautiful!

How many football fields can it fit?

This will be where I reside

Pretty sure you’re right, Blizzard sent us a picture of a peaceful relaxing zone so we can stop being all gloom and doom.

Looks beautiful. Screw Oribos, I’m living here.

“We’ve hit the weekly cap again on this one, send in the distraction.”

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Your post before made me laugh so hard, because of how true it is.

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