Dragonflight world quests

dragonflight world quests
are they easy to finish

Yes, mostly.

You will find there are about 30 at any time, and they change on Wednesday Mornings and Saturday Afternoons.

Maybe 5 or 6 of them will be elite/group quests, and those will be tough to solo unless you are on a Tank or Pet class and with good gear. But at busy times you will find others to do them with you.

Unfortunately, most WQ are pointless. They reward resources, or useless gear that is lower than you have.

Blizzard really did us badly with World Quests this expansion. They were downright mean about it. :angry:

To get useful gear, you need to do gimmicky and deeply un-fun “events” instead. :frowning:

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do they or most of em pay gold

As I look at my map now, I see 5250 in Gold rewards from 8 WQ, of which 7 are easy, and 9 Racer’s Purses, each worth 500 gold +, so that’s an extra 4500.

Taking 800 off for the Elite WQ, which you might want to skip, that’s nearly 9,000 gold. That will be available for another couple of hours (my time zone) until the quests change for Saturday, and we’ll get a fresh set of quests with about the same gold value.

was told that 15k gold could be possibly made

Yes. 15K per week.

We get two sets of World Quests, one on Wednesday, one on Saturday, with at least 7500 gold available each time, so at least 15K.

ok nice thank u for explaining

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