Dragonflight World Quests barely giving pet xp

So I’m leveling through pet battles for the first time, got 3 pets to level 5 and went into Dragonflight to do world quests since they scale down to your pets level. Figured I’d get decent xp for it but I did like 3 of them and only got 20xp per pet on a win… am I doing something wrong? I thought battles give a lot of xp.

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SOME battles give a lot of XP.

BfA, SL, and DF WQ don’t. They give good Charms and Stones, but not XP.

Pandaria and Draenor dailies give full XP.

Squirt in the Garrison gives full XP, but other Garrison battles have been nerfed to the ground.

Legion Family Tamers - now there’s the motherlode. They give full XP, and you can battle them as many times as you like while they’re up.

This is the best guide to levelling XP sources



You’re up against the compromise Blizzard made with pet WQs in last few expansions. So that players had a chance of getting through the various Family Battler achievements, the fights could be repeated as many times as needed. But this would’ve made pet leveling too easy so their XP dropped to almost nothing.

Today, Friday the 19th, could be very helpful for you with Dragonflight WQs. Three of them can be done with your collection of level 1 pets. Won’t help with their XP all that much but will supply you with pet bandages and total of 38 Polished Pet Charms. I’d recommend then blowing 35 of those charms on an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone that’ll instantly raise one of your level 1s to 25. Soon as you’re no longer limited in what level pets you can have, life becomes easier. Can pick up some cheap useful 25s from AH, and can also borrow tradeable pets from friends to help with some fights.

You have the level 1 pets you’ll need to handle three of Friday’s pet WQs.

Swog is an Aquatic pet, especially weak against Flying attacks. Your Cenarion Hatchling, Pygmy Owl, and Teroclaw Hatchling should make for an easy win. 20 charms.

Stormamu is Elemental, Aquatic abilities like your Creeping Tentacle’s, E’rnee’s, and Glamrok’s should do it. 18 charms.

Enyobon is a Flyer. Use Magic attacks against those. I’d try Enchanted Lantern, Living Amber, and Muar. Might want to swap an Anomalus for one of these, they’re cheap in AH and are a good pet to have for later battling. 20 pet bandages.

Couple cautions I could add. The level-1 strategies are so helpful, but soon as you go even to level 2 teams, become much less reliable. Also note that the Legion battling mentioned earlier is for leveling a carry pet along with two 25’s. Level 1 teams won’t do it.


This right here. Just check the site for the daily Legion petmaster, import the team and string to Rematch, profit. It’s also worth noting that you get player xp for battling as well. If I’m in the mood to level pets (for personal use or for selling) I just hop on a non-level capped character and chain battle whoever is up for the day. Win-Win.