Dragonflight Update Notes

Goblin Glider Kit is your friend.


Uldaman is a max level dungeon?

I hope they make it a bit harder at level 70 than it is at level 60.

Wait, new max level dungeon: Uldaman.

So, we’re going BACK to uldaman at 70, too? Couldn’t think of a new dungeon, had to revamp an old one again? Or is it just the same prepatch dungeon, just moved to level 70? An odd choice…

But considering your winged dragon race can’t fly, just feels par for the course these days.

It’s weird, hey?

My main worry is how much of a pushover it is.

Compare it to levelling dungeons like tol’dagor or underrot, it feels a lot more forgiving.

Maybe that’s a scaling thing? I dunno, it just feels more like an early expansion dungeon than a max level one.

I did a brief scan and my eyes spotted ‘Sylvanas’ before having a brief moment of panic. The mount. It’s just about the mount. :dracthyr_nervous_animated:

Have you tried the new flying at all? It’s way more fun than air swimming (and no, Soar is not really comparable).


The prepatch dungeon was just the DF dungeon scaled down, much like UBRS back in WoD’s prepatch.

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You are a clown.


Still can’t adjust my text box and have it save my parameters. I’ve tried turning all addons off. It has nothing to do with addons. It’s just broken.

Just a few days away from the official release and I’m having to be concerned about the UI working. Something which… isn’t even a real system. Dungeons or Raids or PvP balance…

… but the UI doesn’t work??? cmon…

Won’t lie, that pic makes me think a Dragon is being processed to enter a city, making sure all the identification papers are in order.

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Bring back the mobile AH!

Druid Dragonflight Form when

So another expansion where I have to wait over a month to play the content in LFR for no reason, cool.


There is a reason, you just don’t like it.

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btw for some reason Horde Dracthyr are not able to start twilight highlands, may wanna have someone look into that.

i am still absolutely livid at the fact that Dracthyr dragon form cant wear proper transmog. when is this going to be addressed, Blizzard?! i did NOT spend several weeks gathering up mail armor just to outfit yet another damned elf! seriously, how are you going to release a new race like that and leave out the option to truly fashion up your dragon?!?! fix it!!!

I do not have beta…but thing is…mini games like this are just not enjoyable for me…I mean kudos for those who like it. Things like jumpping jellies, and those ones in legion floating ion bubbles to reach the goal…never could make them work for me.
Now, we have to look for stuff in order to fly? I’m really just ok with flying at speeds we have now…You guys who enjoy it …have a blast…really…but for me? would just like the option to NOT be MADE to do it, just to progress the story/quest lines…
I dont complain about much…I love the game, and mostly just avoid stuff I dont like, but, from what I understand, you HAVE to do this sort of flying thing, just to move on with the quest lines…
this…I am not happy with

well, I am glad you are enjoying it…truly I am. I just dont think I will.

Dragonflight seems more like a do over expansion.

I’ve reported that one just like I’ve reported Alliance Dracthyr get stuck on the running from the dark portal in warlords and can never get to making a garrison. :frowning: